Finding Your True Calling

What do a travel technology expert, active wear designer and gym owner all have in common? The answer; they all studied at the Trinity College Foundation Studies program in 1996 and are all pursuing their passions. These three alumni are proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

Maggie Maitriborirak (TCFS 1996)

From banking to culinary, Maggie Maitriborirak is not afraid to pursue her areas of interest. Maggie started her career in the financial industry after graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1999. She then continued her education by completing a Master of Science (Financial Engineering) degree at the National University of Singapore, and Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Oxford.

After gaining experience working in the commerce sector, Maggie decided to enter a different industry by working at Expedia Inc., a travel technology company.

‘I felt it was really important to be a generalist and explore other areas where my skills are valued,’ says Maggie.

‘I have explored many industries to see which one suits me most and my current job has all the elements I have been looking for, such as the application of cross functional skills.’

Another area that Maggie is passionate about is culinary. She took a Patisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu and hopes to come back again this year to explore more cooking courses. Her advice is to pursue whatever you are most passionate about and ‘just do it’.

Kevin Dinh (TCFS 1996)

Kevin Dinh loved his time at Trinity College and made many good friends, which he attempts to stay in touch with while travelling the world.

He makes a point of catching up with his Trinity classmates and was very pleased to find out recently about the creation of the ‘Trinity College Foundation Studies 1996Facebook group. 

‘It is a great platform and I have found a few long-lost classmates/ friends through the group,’ says Kevin.

After leaving Trinity, Kevin studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Melbourne for four years before working as an electrical engineer in the construction industry in Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

‘I have been fortunate to work on many amazing and award-wining projects around the world, notably the Council House 2 in Melbourne which was the first 6 green-star office in Australia; Aldar HQ in Abu Dhabi, the first circular building in the Middle East and Al Raha Beach Development, which was a brand-new city built on reclaimed land,’ says Kevin.

But now, Kevin is trying his hand at something new, establishing an active wear brand, combining the latest in technology and fashion.

‘I have always had a strong passion for fashion and design. When I saw an opportunity to combine the two important aspects of my life, fashion and technology, I embraced it.’

Over the past two years, Kevin and his team have been working on perfecting the design with plans to launch their crowdfunding campaign on 23 May 2017.

‘Our brand is called S P I R I T US. We have developed an exclusive high-performance material combining the latest infrared technology and silver fibre for our debut collection.’

Despite the ups and downs that go with designing a new product, Kevin is excited to have found what he believes is his ‘true calling with the active wear label.’


Cheow Seng Seow (TCFS 1996)

Cheow Seng Seow believes Trinity was the ‘best place’ to help him settle into life in Australia. Now, living in Malaysia, Cheow tries to keep in contact with fellow Trinitarians whenever visiting cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore or Melbourne.

Since graduating from University, Cheow has worked at Frost & Sullivan, an international market research firm as well as opening his own boutique consulting and market research firm – Prot&

16 May 2016
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