Dirty hands, good cause

Some 250 College students recently braved bad weather for Trinity’s Community Planting Day.

No amount of drizzle could have rained on the parade of the mostly Foundation Studies students – and a number of residential students – who gathered on Saturday 5 September.

The activity was one of the various events Trinity College has planned throughout the year to help the environment, alongside the Clean-Up Australia Day in March.

Everyone’s excitement was evident as they walked to Royal Park where some 750 plants waited to be sown into the ground.

The presence of camaraderie was not to be missed as friends lent each other a helping hand; some helped to dig into the soil and others watered the numerous plants.

Students from the various Foundation Studies intakes were able to meet each other as well. Despite the threat of showers, everyone persisted on with no hint of defeat against the onslaught of rain.

Truly, it was heartwarming to see how united everyone was in the goal of helping to increase the sustainability of Royal Park. Some wondered how exciting it would be to return to Royal Park at the exact same date next year just to see how the plants have gone to fruition. Fingers crossed that they grow well!

The delicious barbeque at the end of the event placed the cherry on top of the cake as friends and new-found friends ate together merrily after the undeniably successful Community Planting Day.


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16 Sep 2015
Category: Foundation Studies