Catching up with Rosemary Blight

Foundation Studies Drama teacher and Subject Leader Rosemary Blight (formerly Dansick) talks about how she applies her experience in drama outside of Trinity.

In December 2015, I became Drama Subject Leader again until 2017 while Danny Fahey works as Deputy Dean. It is a privilege to lead this wonderful team of 18 Drama colleagues. Yes, the number of students has grown, but Drama still rocks!

Recently I have been involved in developing curriculum and programs for Aboriginal Australians, including the Bachelor of Arts Extended at the University of Melbourne.

I have been writing articles, giving presentations, making films and I graduated with PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2013: ‘Creating Indigenous futures – Using applied theatre to construct a participatory creative space for Indigenous Australian young people’.

The experience of teaching Drama in Foundation Studies led me to apply my ideas outside of Trinity in other contexts – Indigenous Australians and education, individual coaching and corporate training.

I am currently working on a project called ‘Natak Vihar’ with the Indian community in Melbourne. This project explores the use of the Forum Theatre to raise awareness around family violence, and to create an open dialogue to find solutions. Other cultural groups are showing interest in this project, as it is a widespread problem across all communities.

I love to travel. My son Luke lived in China for six years and so I capitalised on this with trips to Shanghai and Beijing. The pleasure of eating in China has been a highlight. I love going to the beach, being in the bush, walking my dog, swimming, cycling, family dinners, socialising with friends, following Collingwood, reading and watching shows and films. 

I keep in touch with alumni – met Horace Mak in Hong Kong, Abigail Chia (Singapore) in Melbourne, Azmady and Izwan (Malaysia and Melbourne), Nam (Vietnam) in Melbourne … there’s a long list. I love to see past students and to share stories about our lives; I feel honoured to have known so many talented people.

My philosophy? Everyone is talented and unique. Do something that you’re passionate about, believe in yourself and follow your vision. I have!

28 Mar 2016
Category: Foundation Studies