Ada Senyurt on how living at Trinity reminds of her upbringing in Turkey

By Emily McAuliffe

Ada Senyurt moved to Australia from Turkey when she was in year 9 and craved a community-based way of living. That’s exactly what she found when she joined Trinity College in 2022.

Ada Senyurt with college friends
Ada Senyurt (back row, third from left) on a trip with Trinity College friends

‘Growing up, we had people over for dinner – friends, family – nearly every night,’ says Ada Senyurt, reflecting on her childhood in Turkey. ‘When we first moved to Australia, I didn't have that friendship and family support that I once had, and it was like this whole new experience. I really craved that community feeling.’

During high school, a family friend who lived at Trinity introduced Ada to the idea of living at a residential college while at uni by offering her a campus tour.

‘The day I toured, I immediately thought, "This is like a dream. I want to be here”,’ says Ada, remembering her first impression.

Not only was she taken by Trinity’s beautiful campus, but she immediately felt that Trinity had the strong sense of community that had been missing from her life. ‘Even from just spending a few hours with my friend and seeing everyone she ran into, seeing her corri [corridor] hanging out, and meeting a few people and having conversations with them, I could really feel that homeliness and that family feeling.’

Ada wasn’t sure that she could afford Trinity, however, so looked into scholarships. After seeing Trinity’s generous scholarship offerings, she realised that she was in with a chance to make her dream a reality. ‘[The scholarship application process] was very straightforward and it was a very supportive process. I was guided through everything,’ she says.

And, soon enough, Ada’s scholarship application was accepted and she was on her way to Trinity College.

Ada admits there was a moment when she worried how she would fit in, but says everyone was so lovely when she arrived. ‘From the first day, I understood that everyone genuinely put in an effort, and it's something that makes Trinity so beautiful. … Everyone has such interesting backgrounds and a different story, and the conversations you have overflow in the hallways.’

Since joining Trinity, Ada has gotten involved in the Wellbeing Committee and has helped run student-led initiatives like sex and sexuality week and wellbeing week. ‘It's really about making Trinity feel really welcoming, and letting people know they're heard and that support is available to them,’ she says of the committee.

In coming semesters, she wants to explore sports and other extracurricular activities. ‘There are hundreds of opportunities, it's so exciting.’

Ada is also excited by the subjects on offer at the University of Melbourne and says that the university’s ‘Melbourne Curriculum’ has been a great way to feed her curiosity. The Melbourne Curriculum allows students to take ‘breadth subjects’, which are subjects that are not necessarily related to a student’s bachelor degree, but still count towards their major.

‘You can pick [subjects] from any field you like – any field you're interested in – and it can have as much to do with what you're studying or as much to do with what you're not studying as you want,’ Ada explains, saying that she has taken French, creative writing and climate change subjects as part of her science degree.

Given Ada is unsure if she wants to eventually study neuroscience or psychology, she’s found it helpful having the flexibility to try a range of subjects. ‘There are so many exciting things, you just want to do them all. I think that's the hardest part, picking which one,’ she laughs.

Ada says the Melbourne Curriculum combined with life at college helps create the ‘full university experience’. And though college is filled with seemingly endless social, sporting and cultural activities, study is taken seriously too.

‘You definitely feel that there's a good sense of balance with everyone, because while everyone likes to have fun, when it's time for exams, everyone just kind of gets to the library or [another study space] and focuses – and that motivates you as well. And people are unbelievably helpful. You can be having a freakout about a question, but then find a student who's done that subject in the past and they can help you,’ she says, adding that Trinity’s tutorials have also benefited her studies.

‘I was really lucky that Trinity was the first place I saw as a college, and after coming here I 100% know it was the right decision – there's no doubt in my mind.’

‘If anyone's considering applying for Trinity, even the slightest bit, apply. You never know what can happen. I don't think anyone would ever regret it, and I really think everyone can have a good time here and make lots of good friends and memories.’

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03 Aug 2022