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Update: Behan refurbishment

Last summer saw the first stage of the refurbishment of the Behan building.

This focused on the student rooms and corridors, with stage 2 this coming summer concentrated on bathrooms and amenities, stairwells and the Behan balcony to complete the refurbishment.

As we enter mid-way through the year, we thought it opportune to reflect on improvements already made, and what’s to come.

Stage 1 of the interior upgrade works was completed in February 2014. These works focused on improving the student bedrooms and corridors. Photo gallery of Stage 1 works here

With the refurbishment of the bedrooms and hallways completed, the remaining spaces in the Behan Building are to be brought up to the same rejuvenated state.

Stage 2 works will consist of upgrade works to the stairwells, laundries, bathrooms, storage areas and the terrace.

These works will be undertaken during the 2014/15 summer break, in order to minimise disruption to students.

Like Stage 1, the design proposal for this stage seeks to respect the heritage character of the building fabric and spaces. New materials, fixtures and colours will complement the existing building’s character.

The works will also be done with a number of potential Ecologically Sustainable Development measures under consideration.

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