Trinity College grounds

Trinity wins footy final

A landslide win over St Hilda’s on Sunday secured Trinity’s first inter-collegiate Grand Final flag in 20 years.

After a strong semi-final win against Ormond the week before, Trinity took to the grand final pitch with renewed confidence.

Before the match, Charlie Abbott (TC 1958) gave an inspiring speech. Having lost in a Trinity final in 1960, and then later winning with Hawthorn in a VFL grand final, Mr Abbott noted that he would have preferred the Trinity victory.

In a solemn gesture to the past, the team wore black armbands in memory of Frank Henagan, who passed away earlier this year.

On the field, the team got out of the box early, taking a two-goal lead at quarter time.

During the second quarter, St Hilda’s fought back hard, but by half-time Trinity had extended its lead.

At the mid-point, Charlie Kemp roused the team with a striking bagpipe piece. Fired up, Trinity played a strong third quarter, effectively putting the game to bed by the start of the last quarter.

For Trinity, team captain Alex Horton led Trinity with confidence. On half-forward flank, Nick Banks kicked 4 goals 1; and Alistair ‘Buddy’ Baker secured 3 goals.

On mid-field, Sam Gooley proved to be the everywhere man, while Lochie Chomley took what spectators called ‘the greatest tackle ever’, which left him temporarily concussed.

The final scores were Trinity 14.9.93 – St Hilda's 4.9.33.


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