Trinity College grounds

Trinity into the Final

Following a landslide win over Ormond this week, Trinity secured a place in the inter-collegiate Grand Final – a first for 19 years – on Sunday 31 August.

Under fair weather conditions on Wednesday evening, team captain Alex Horton led Trinity to the field to battle perennial foe, Ormond College.

Ormond got out of the block early, kicking the first goal. Unfortunately for them, that was to be their only goal of the match.

Trinity’s Patrick Burton was the first to put the DOC on the board, kicking an impressive goal from 50 out.

According to Alex, ‘Ormond played with lots of fight, but we gradually wore them down with our fitness and structured play’.

Other highlights, says Alex, included ‘Grantley Ward kicking a goal from the boundary (a snap kick); Blake Nielsen having a great role at full back; and Robbie Hayward constantly rebounding from the backline’.

The final score, showing that Trinity is a force to be taken seriously, was 51–14.

The win marks the first time Trinity has been in a Grand Final in 19 years. If a premiership is secured, it will be Trinity’s first flag in 20 years!

2014 Grand Final

Sunday 31 August. Bounce down is at 2pm, University Main Oval (subject to change). All Trinitarians are called on to come support the team.

Wear your colours

If you’re heading to the final, support Team Trinity in the mighty red, white and green. Be seen in a Trinity all-seasons scarf. Grab one at Reception. Details here


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