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Meet the Residential College’s new TCAC for 2022–23

With the closing tenure of the 2021–22 TCAC, we meet the people who will become the primary facilitators of residential life for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

Lucie Griffin

Senior Student: LUCIE GRIFFIN

What is your role for next year?

Next year I have the honour to serve as the Trinity College Senior Student (meaning I head up Trinity’s student association). I am very grateful for the opportunity to advocate for, lead and represent the Trinity student body, to lead the Trinity College Associated Clubs (TCAC) leadership team and to be a member of the Trinity Board and Council.

This role is a real fusion of many sectors of college life and all aspects will require different approaches and skills, but I hope to make positive change for our vibrant community and uplift student voices in everything I do.

Why did you go for this position?

I feel so very fortunate to be a member of the Trinity College community and I particularly value the importance of giving back. Senior Student is especially important to me as I feel this is the position that provides the greatest opportunity to give back, and the most opportunities to be impactful in making an outstanding experience for every Trinitarian.

What are you most excited about?

I am excited for every aspect of the Senior Student role. I’m particularly looking forward to being an integral role in fostering positive change in our community and for making an overall positive, dynamic, and supportive college culture. It is my hope that we create a culture that includes every single Trinitarian and encourages everyone to celebrate their individuality.



Social Secretary: LAURA BARNES

What is your role for next year?

As well as being a member of the TCAC, my role largely consists of organising some of the college’s events. These include V-day, Valedictory dinner, Ball, Senior Student and TCAC dinner.

Why did you go for this position?

I went for this position to show my appreciation for Trinity College. The outgoing TCAC has done such an amazing job and I am honoured and humbled to follow on from them over the coming year. I know that there is so much I can learn, and I am so excited to be given this opportunity to give back.

What are you most excited about?

With so much on the horizon I am probably most looking forward to V-day and TCAC retreat. Last year’s V-day was such a success and honestly, I had an amazing time. I know this huge day will sneak up on us, but I cannot wait for all the fun that is involved. I have also heard what a valuable bonding experience the TCAC retreat is and that is something I think will set us up to be a cohesive group.


Rosie Yates

Treasurer: ROSIE YATES

What is your role for next year?

The role of treasurer is very exciting in that it mainly deals with the financial side of the TCAC and the student body. My main role will be to formulate a budget that encapsulates the priorities of the student body and ensure that funds are allocated according to these priorities. I will also endeavour to make sure that events are accessible for all, whilst not compromising on the overall enjoyment of these events.

Why did you go for this position?

I went for this role because I wanted to make a meaningful and positive impact on the Trinity community in my final year. I believe that, as treasurer, I can utilise and further develop my budgeting/Excel skills, which will ideally benefit the whole college. I also went for this role because it helps with the other portfolios on the TCAC, so I can get involved in a range of areas at college.

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about continuing the momentum that the outgoing TCAC created for this year. I think they have done a marvelous job post-COVID, so I am really excited to work with the new TCAC to make next year even better. I am also really looking forward to helping the C&S (clubs and societies) and corridors to make sure they get the most out of their respective budgets. The main goal is to make sure people feel as though they are getting bang for their buck from every aspect of college.


Conrad Pender

Indoor Representative: CONRAD PENDER

What is your role for next year?

Aside from contributing to TCAC responsibilities, my role mainly involves Trinity merchandise, food and our facilities and properties.

Why did you go for the position?

Ever since O-Week, I’ve always thought about the TCAC and how cool it would be to be part of the collective. However, it was only as I began to wrap up my second year that I realised how badly I wanted to be on the TCAC and give back to the community. More specifically, I applied for the Indoor Representative role as I feel it suits me the most. Fortunately, this year, I’ve been a part of the merchandise committee and that really inspired my desire for the role.

What are you most excited about?

I am really excited about building out new merch committee and working towards designing and producing Trinity merch for everyone. I’m also looking forward to organising the big events towards the end of the year, especially V-day and V-dinner, ensuring that our amazing group of third years have the best send-off possible. Aside from that, I’m excited to be in a position that enables me to help improve our community, making it a better place for everybody.


Gretel Larsen

Community Representative: GRETEL LARSEN

What is your role for next year?

I have been elected as Trinity's Community Representative for 2023. This role entails a range of different aspects, all with similar intended outcomes. This includes diversifying outreach, promoting and improving people's wellbeing through the year and fostering a more inclusive culture in our community. Ultimately, I will strive to ensure students feel welcome, respected and included within the College.

Why did you go for this position?

I decided to go for this position as I have a number of ideas for the role that pertain to outreach initiatives, wellbeing projects and community enrichment. I love giving back to the community so I thought this role would be a great way for me to help others get involved in fundraisers and charities. I am also really passionate about people's wellbeing, so I thought Community Rep would be the perfect role for me.

What are you most excited about?

I am probably most excited about forming new relationships with charities in the wider community as well as creating unique, informal wellbeing initiatives consistently throughout the year. I am also very excited to work with the TCAC to plan events that accommodate everyone in the college, ensuring students feel included and respected.


Clare Wever

Arts Representative: CLARE WEVER

What is your role for next year?

The role of Arts Representative is to bring art to life at the college, by facilitating the ongoing presence of artistic activities, events, clubs and societies within the Trinity community. Moving into 2023, I feel that my role is largely about advocating for the arts as a vital element of our college experience – the absence of live music, theatre, galleries and more has been particularly felt as a result of the pandemic.

I will be working to support arts ensembles, increasing art appreciation amongst Trinitarians and expanding social connections at the college. This role for me will also involve boosting art engagement through connecting with alumni, collaborating with the TCAC, and intercollegiate community.

In a broad sense, my role on the TCAC will also be to help contribute to a team of passionate leaders in the community, to create an environment at Trinity that we feel reflects our values.

Why did you go for this position?

When I reflect on my experiences and love for the arts both in and outside of Trinity, I am always reminded of how so much of my sense of identity, creativity, and passion for community is owed to my artistic experiences. I love all the ‘hidden skills’, if you will, that we build through engaging in a wide variety of artistic endeavours. Confidence and greater self-esteem, a sense of belonging and friendship, collaborative skills and trust in others – all of which really underpin our motivations for being in a College community to begin with!

The talent we are surrounded by here is so diverse and is something to actively celebrate. As a member of the TCAC, I wanted to take on this role to be a voice and advocate for artistic communities, societies and activities, by encouraging engagement in all different avenues of the arts.

What are you most excited about?

I am so excited to continue to build on the fabulous efforts of the previous TCAC and Arts Representative, as we continue to navigate how best to rebuild our appreciation of the arts in a post-COVID environment.

The arts at Trinity is slowly coming back to life, and I am looking forward to being proactive in making changes that our students most want to see in the community and arts space. I’m excited to expand the college’s understanding of what the arts can provide to us on an individual level, and also to strengthen bonds with each other.

Having a background in mainly the performing arts, I am eager to have the opportunity to promote and organise iconic arts events in our social calendar, such as the musical, play and arts gala. Growing intercollegiate connectedness through the arts is also something that I am extremely keen for – soirees, battles of the bands, dance offs, art showcases, the lot!

Above all, I’m excited at the opportunity to listen to the voices of the community as we expand the thriving artistic sphere at Trinity, and promote, grow support for, and find joy within the arts!!


James Curran

Male Sports Representative: JAMES CURRAN

Why did you go for this position?

I went for this position because sport has a unique ability to bring people together and form new friendships. I have experienced this throughout my time at Trinity, forming many new friendships through various sporting experiences. I want to continue to build on this, and with the other TCAC members, give people the most enjoyable year possible.

What are you most excited about?

There are many exciting aspects about this role, including working closely with the other TCAC members. We have an incredible group of people and working with them to plan events like V-day and V-dinner as well as other events like Shums and Sports Ball is something I am looking forward to.


Georgie Ferreira

Female Sports Representative: GEORGIE FERREIRA

What is your role for next year?

My role ranges from a committed member of the TCAC to the responsibilities of the Sports Representative. Working alongside the Male Sports Rep, it is my responsibility to organise events such as Sports Ball and Shums. As Sports Rep my role is to promote a positive and inclusive sporting culture at Trinity that fosters inter-year level friendships, college pride and a love of sports. I hope to be a role model and support person for the captains. I also aim to encourage more supporters to attend each game to cheer on their peers. Finally, I aspire to form new initiatives as well as protect our lasting traditions.

Why did you go for this position?

Since I arrived at Trinity, I have been a passionate member of the Trinity sporting community and over the past two years I have been put out of my comfort zone and discovered new interests, met a wide range of new friends across all year levels and have realised the value of sport at Trinity.

I have always believed that sport brings people together and our community is my favourite thing about Trinity. I applied for the Sports Representative position because I want to use the camaraderie sport offers, along with the implementation of new and old sporting traditions, to make our community next year as connected and inclusive as we can be.

What are you most excited about?

I am excited about everything that the year ahead holds including the planning and execution of O-Week, events such as Sports Ball and Shums, TCAC retreat, V-day, and more. However, I would say that I am most excited about working together as a TCAC and with the Residential College team to take back some of the independence of the students and the TCAC that was lost during COVID. TCAC is an amazing opportunity that I am eager to approach wholeheartedly.



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