Leave your mark on Behan

    Every student who passes through Trinity has dreamt of leaving their mark on the College in some tangible way.

    There are those who achieve this through sporting, academic or artistic merit, and there are many of us who play a supporting role and whose sole claim to historical fame is a face and name on the annual student photo.

    For all of us, there is a wonderful opportunity to not only leave a permanent mark on the College, but also to make a real difference to Trinitarians of the future.

    For a tax-deductible donation of $560, you will be immortalised with a brass plaque that will include your name and the year of your occupancy of the room. Along the way, each door will become a historical record of its distinguished occupants since 1935.

    As an added bonus, all participants will be able to further relive their Behan memories with an invitation to a Behan Balcony Party to be held in early 2015.

    Full details here