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Gateway gift opens doors

Two alumni and lifelong friends have just made a generous gift in support of the new Gateway building.

The combined gift was made by Dr Sunya Viravaidya (TC 1965), Managing Director at Pattaya International Hospital in Thailand, and Professor Graham Brown (TC 1965), Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne.

Sunya and Graham both studied medicine together whilst at Trinity, and have remained lifelong friends ever since – no matter where their travels have taken them.

The College is honored that they have made this significant joint gift to the Gateway building, which will see their names included in the building.

According to Sunya, his gift is about legacy.

'The history of Trinity can be traced with a short walk. There are the very old and not so old buildings that represent generations of students that have passed through. All have been better off having experienced the Trinity magic.

'The new building is a continuation of a legacy that has been kept alive for so long … The time for the next building is now and the legacy continues. If not us then who?'

According to Scott Charles, Director of Advancement at Trinity, 'This is a wonderful example of two friends getting together and making a lasting contribution to Trinity’s legacy'.

Sunya and Graham both hope that their joint gift inspires others to support the new Gateway building.


This landmark building will exemplify the commitment that the University of Melbourne and Trinity College share in furthering the education of all our students.

The Gateway will be located near the western end of Tin Alley, linking not only Trinity and the University, but also residential and international students on campus.

World-class teaching facilities – including laboratories, tutorial rooms and an auditorium – will be complemented by an art gallery and studio, music practice rooms and drama spaces.

You can read more about the Gateway Project here.

Pictured, L–R: Jim Craig, Dr Sunya Viravaidya (TC 1965), Professor Graham Brown (TC 1965), Charles Sitch.


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