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06 Oct 2017

Central Australia Adventure 2017

Between 16-27 September, 58 Pathways School students and nine staff embarked on a journey to Central Australia to explore the region’s amazing culture and geography.

Category: Foundation Studies

18 Aug 2017

Trinity Students Join Melbourne Youth Orchestra

When Helen Flint, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lecturer, asked her students what they had been doing in the semester break, she was surprised and delighted to hear Jiang, Ziying (Fred) and fellow student Sinze, Mo (Mason) are currently part of and regularly performing with the Melbourne Youth Orchestra. We caught up with Fred, Mason, and Helen to hear all about the Orchestra and life at Trinity.

Category: Foundation Studies

26 Jul 2017

Catching up with Glen Jennings

For over two decades, Glen Jennings has been working at Trinity College Foundation Studies, provided lectures and tutorials in History of Ideas and Literature and has also taken on a number of administrative roles, including Subject Leader of Literature and Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning. Some people have asked Glen why he has stayed at Trinity for so long, to Glen the answer is simple.

Category: Foundation Studies

06 Jul 2017

FS 20+ Year Reunion: Students and Staff Pivotal to Foundation Studies Success

On Sunday 25 June, alumni, former and current staff of the Foundation Studies (FS) program were invited back to the College for the inaugural 20 year plus FS alumni reunion held in the Gateway building.

Category: Foundation Studies

21 Apr 2017

Trinity Alumnus to Launch ASEAN newspaper

Rohan Ramakrishnan (TCFS 2005), has announced the official launch of The ASEAN Post (TAP) for the third quarter of 2017, a digital newspaper devoted to covering news from across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

Category: Foundation Studies

21 Apr 2017

Mother-Daughter Start Foundation Studies Family Legacy

In February 2017, Jessica Tan (February Main Intake 2017), daughter of Madam Choong Wai Lan (TCFS 1994), created history by becoming the first offspring of any Foundation Studies alumni to study at Trinity College.

Category: Foundation Studies

03 Apr 2017

FS Buddy Program

The Buddy Program assists new Foundation Studies students with an easy transition to living and studying in Melbourne.

Category: Foundation Studies

14 Mar 2017

Fair Dinkum Festival Promotes Student Wellbeing

One of the highlights of the student’s calendar year is the Fair Dinkum Festival that takes place on Trinity’s scenic Bulpadock.

Category: Foundation Studies

06 Mar 2017

Brazilian Carnival Welcome Party for February Main Students

On Friday 17 February 2017, over 450 new Trinity College Foundation Studies students came to a Brazilian Carnival themed welcome party.

Category: Foundation Studies

18 Jan 2017

Then And Now- Foundation Studies and Dr Ian Teo

The year 2004 was by almost all accounts a simpler time. Facebook had just been founded, Google released Gmail in April, and Mean Girls dominated the box office as well as inspired a whole generation of teenagers. Hipsters the world over were yet to discover their common woodcutter heritage, (the short lived) Pokemon Go! was more than a decade away, and saying "tutting" or "dabbing" to someone might lead them to think you were a painter.

Category: Foundation Studies

16 Jan 2017

Humility Key to Fong Wai Hong’s Success

Fong Wai Hong (FS February Main 2002), was a finalist for the Malaysian Australian Alumni Award 2016 in the Young Entrepreneur category. While back in Melbourne, we caught up with Wai Hong to discuss his latest entrepreneurial venture Store Hub and what he has been up to since leaving Trinity.

Category: Foundation Studies

09 Jan 2017

Farewell for Now - 29 Royal Parade Tribute

In July 2004, Trinity College acquired a new building, an old doctor’s surgery at 29 Royal Parade directly across the road from the main campus and opportunely situated right next to Naughtons Parkville Hotel. The building quickly became home to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and was the beginning of a special journey between staff and students lasting more than a decade.

Category: Foundation Studies

22 Nov 2016

Catching up with Andrew Oppenheim

Mathematics teacher, Andrew Oppenheim, first started teaching TCFS students part-time in 2002. He clearly enjoyed the experience very much though as he has essentially worked full-time since the October Fast Track was introduced in 2005. He shares some snippets from his time at Trinity below.

Category: Foundation Studies

22 Nov 2016

Diana Taty Azman – Changing Lives in Malaysia

It is often said that the key to a meaningful life is to develop a sense of purpose. For Diana Taty Azman (February Main 2008), currently working with the Malaysian government, her purpose is simple, to make a positive difference by directly impacting the lives of others.

Category: Foundation Studies

04 Nov 2016

Pathways School Students Celebrate Halloween

On Saturday 29 October, over two hundred Pathways School students celebrated Halloween at Edith Head Hall. For many of our students, this was their first experience celebrating Halloween. In fact, the student organisers of our party had never celebrated Halloween.

Category: Foundation Studies

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