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20 Sep 2021

Trinity promotes critical thinking and open discussions – hear from FS student Grace

Grace Amara Ho Ming En is studying Foundation Studies online from Malaysia and says Trinity College has helped her to become more independent.

Category: Foundation Studies

16 Sep 2021

Watch video: Trinity provides a guaranteed pathway to Melbourne University

Trinity College is the only institution that provides guaranteed entry to Australia's top university.

Category: Foundation Studies

15 Sep 2021

Meet student Marco Winar, studying remotely from Indonesia

Marco gives an honest appraisal of what it's like completing Foundation Studies at Trinity from abroad.

Category: Foundation Studies

03 Sep 2021

Ronny Chieng: Foundation Studies student to international superstar

Comedian Ronny Chieng has come a long way since he studied at Trinity in 2004, and his most recent film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has just hit cinemas. As an actor and comedian with a global platform, Ronny isn’t afraid to shine a light on the issues that unite and divide us.

Category: Foundation Studies

01 Sep 2021

Introducing the Trinity Talks free lecture series

From 20 September to 1 November, a group of Trinity College lecturers will present a series of free lectures to give a feel for the subjects and teaching style in Trinity College's Foundation Studies program.

Category: Foundation Studies

26 Aug 2021

Q&A with FS student Alistair Cheah – studying online in KL

Alistair has found the teaching style at Trinity quite different to what he was used to in Malaysia. Here, he explains why.

Category: Foundation Studies

25 Aug 2021

International students: Studying in Melbourne is still possible!

Did you know you can still get an education in Australia, even though borders are closed?

Category: Foundation Studies

23 Aug 2021

Arora shares what it's like studying Foundation Studies from Botswana

Anya Arora has been taking Trinity’s Foundation Studies program online and tells of her experiences, including what she thinks of the teachers and why she was drawn to the University of Melbourne.

Category: Foundation Studies

20 Aug 2021

Watch the video: Start Foundation Studies online now!

This short video gives a run down of Trinity's Foundation Studies program, which is now available online and still provides direct entry to the University of Melbourne.

Category: Foundation Studies

18 Aug 2021

Priyanka Wiharsa on improving her English, discovering new cultures and opening her mind

Priyanka Wiharsa (TCFS 2018) grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and knew she wanted to complete university abroad. Upon learning that Trinity College could offer guaranteed entry to Australia’s number-one uni, the University of Melbourne, Priyanka was sold. And off to Melbourne she went.

Category: Foundation Studies

16 Aug 2021

Uni of Melbourne scholarship success for Foundation Studies students

Congratulations to the following Foundation Studies students, who received scholarships to study at the University of Melbourne.

Category: Foundation Studies

19 Jul 2021

Meet FS teacher John Murphy

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Deputy Subject Leader John Murphy shares a funny story from the classroom and tells of the time he went head-to-head with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Category: Foundation Studies

12 Jul 2021

Girl Power: the program getting young women into engineering and IT

Girl Power alum and current mentor Millie a’Beckett explains what the recent Girl Power program facilitated by Trinity College was all about, and how it’s getting girls interested in engineering and IT.

Category: Foundation Studies

22 Jun 2021

Alex Chieng shares his experience of moving to Australia for Foundation Studies

When Alex Chieng moved to Melbourne for Foundation Studies in 2015, the city captured his heart. He now can’t imagine living anywhere else. Here he shares his experience and offers some advice to those thinking about enrolling in Foundation Studies at Trinity College.

Category: Foundation Studies

21 May 2021

Meet FS teacher Paulo Mendonça

Foundation Studies physics teacher Dr Paulo Mendonça shares his favourite subject from school (it's not physics) and the progression of careers he wanted to pursue as a child (none of them were a teacher).

Category: Foundation Studies

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