Monday Program

Students who are part of Ministry Education (including the ordination track) participate in the Monday program.

A group of Theological School staff members and students at the Monday program in the Ministry education at the Theological School, Trinity College

Monday is the designated day for regular classes in the Ministry Education Program, run under the auscpices of the Ministry Education Centre. The core academic units are offered on Mondays, although students may of course also be undertaking other units on other days as part of their studies.

During the two years that students are requested to undertake as a minimum in Ministry Education, students participate in the School’s "Monday Program" consisting of formal classes, guest lectures, break-out learning sessions and communal worship. The Monday Program includes Morning Prayer, Ministry Integration, some Mission visits and the Eucharist. The day usually concludes with informal drinks in the Common Room.


Please direct any queries to the Director of the Ministry Education Centre, the Revd Dr Fergus King ( or phone the Theology School Administration office on 03 9348 7127.