Ministry Education Centre

The Ministry Education Centre is committed to ministry formation - to equipping women and men for lay or ordained ministry in the Anglican Church, and to explore their Christian vocation.

Ministry Education

"A Theological Culture for Ministry Education"

Ministry Education is centred within our practices as a learning community of faith. There are three strands:

  • Theological education – learn to reflect theologically through the study of the scriptures, theology and ethics, the Church’s history, its ministry and mission and pastoral care. 
  • Christian spirituality ­– learn about personal growth and ministry, nurture your relationship with God through prayer and worship, enjoy an annual retreat, and join with other members of the College community life and parish and in supervised field placements. 
  • Ministry praxis – develop and nurture ability to work at all levels within our faith communities to enable the development of effective leadership and mission. 

In these ways, students participate in a learning community in which they learn more about giving voice and body to the gospel of Christ Jesus, to represent the Christian people and Christian traditions, that is, to serve God's mission in the world.  

Ministry Education comprises:

The Academic Program

Students undertaking Ministry Education normally complete either a BTheol or MDiv (especially but not only those in the ordained stream). As well as academic units in Biblical Studies, Theology and Church History, additional units of practical theology are required for those seeking ordination. These often include, but are not limited to:

  • Preaching for Mission and Worship (DL2100T/9T, DL9100T/9T)
  • Missional New Testament (DM3400T/9T, DM9400T/9T)
  • Theology and Practice of Pastoral Care (DP2500T/9T, DP9500T/9T)
  • Mission and Worship (DA3300T/9T, DA9300T/9T)
  • Ministerial Formation in the Anglican Tradition (DA1100T/9T, DA8100T/9T)
  • Christian Ethics and Contemporary Moral Issues (CT3100T/9T, CT9100T/9T)
  • Mission and Leadership for Contemporary Australia (DM3200T/9T, DM9200T/9T).

For further information on these units, click here.

Apply to join the Ministry Education Program

Arrange a time to talk to the Director of the Ministry Education Centre, fill in the Ministry Education Program Application Form and forward it to the Theological School office.

Ordinands and Year-of-Discernment candidates are usually eligible for a Theological Studentship. This will cover the cost of providing the Ministry Education program, and sometimes also provides a small stipend of up to about $2,000. To be considered for a Studentship, please complete the separate Scholarship application form, available on the Theology Scholarships page.


Director of the Ministry Education Centre: The Revd Dr Fergus King (

Theological School office: 03 9348 7127.

Education for Ministry (Australia)

The Ministry Education Centre encouraged Education for Ministry (EfM) for parish and church ministry education.

The Parish-based Trinity Certificate in Theology and Ministry is no longer offered by Trinity College Theological School. A revised program - the Australis Certificate of Ministry - has been created by the Diocese of Bendigo. The certificate is designed to equip people to reflect on their faith, ministry and discipleship in the context of their everyday lives. For more information visit the website: or email: