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22 Nov 2023

Meet economics teacher Tharushi Nissanka

Tharushi shares what she loves most about Trinity and her advice to students thinking about joining Foundation Studies.

20 Nov 2023

Meet maths teacher Hao Weng

Hao Weng shares some coffee advice and the most important advice he's ever been given.

20 Nov 2023

Charmaine Yee named our 2023 FS Alum of the Year

We are pleased to announce Singaporean radio host and emcee Charmaine Yee as our FS Alum of the Year for 2023.

17 Nov 2023

Meet English lecturer Jake Breaux

Jake shares how a gap year changed his life, and three places he thinks international students should visit in Victoria.

25 Oct 2023

Meet English teacher Catherine Roberts

Dr Catherine Roberts shares her love of English and writing, and her unconventional favourite Australian animal.

15 Aug 2023

The work of visiting professor Justice Janak De Silva

Justice Janak De Silva, Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, is staying at Trinity College and tells us a bit more about his work.

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08 Aug 2023

Moving to Trinity from overseas: Katie's story

Katie Gray grew up in Singapore and was nervous about starting at Trinity because she feared her background and schooling would be different to everyone else. She quickly realised that she needn't have worried.

04 Aug 2023

Vale Leith Hancock

The College is saddened to hear of the passing of a Trinity Fellow and former Dean, Leith Hancock.

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10 Jul 2023

Meet visiting professor Ron Paterson

Ron Paterson, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Auckland, shares details of his July 2023 visit to Trinity College, and his work on major health reviews in Australia and New Zealand.

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26 Jun 2023

Meet Admissions Coordinator Wendy Ngaturi

Wendy shares a pivotal moment in her life, the best advice she's been given and the many things she wanted to be growing up.

22 Jun 2023

Meet Academic Programs Manager Michael Pickering

Dr Michael Pickering tells us his favourite TV shows, the most valuable advice he's received, and what he would go back and tell his 18-year-old self.

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07 Jun 2023

Kate Beggs’s journey from the Great Ocean Road to the heart of Melbourne city

After completing year 12 and an eye-opening gap year amid COVID-19 lockdowns, Kate Beggs decided to move to the city to pursue a career in educational psychology

02 Jun 2023

Pursuing a creative passion: from Trinity to Edinburgh to New York

Ruby Smith has gone from strength to strength since securing a scholarship to join Trinity College as a chorister, and is now on her way to New York City.

Category: People

02 Jun 2023

Meet former Foundation Studies student Valerie To

Valerie shares why she decided to move to Australia from Hong Kong to study, and what she loves most about Melbourne.

07 Mar 2023

Welcome to our newest board members, Sandy Clark and Kirsten Gray

In 2023, we're pleased to welcome Sandy Clark and Kirsten Gray to the Trinity College Board.

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