Trinity Dean to present Barry Marshall Memorial Lecture

On Wednesday 17 August, Trinity College Theological School is celebrating Barry Marshall’s life and ministry at Trinity, with the 41st Barry Marshall Memorial Eucharist and Lecture.

Dean of the Theological School and Frank Woods Distinguished Lecturer in Biblical Studies, the Revd Dr Dorothy Lee, will present the lecture, Faith in Word and Deed: Martha and Mary in Gospel Context

Dorothy was asked to contribute a collection of essays on the characterisation in John’s Gospel, and thought it would be interesting to look at how the two sisters are portrayed so differently in the Gospels of Luke and John, and what it signifies for us today in relation to ministry.  

‘How Martha and Mary are portrayed depends greatly on the writer,’ Dorothy said. 

‘Most people you speak to automatically assume you mean Luke’s version of Martha and Mary, but John’s story is a different one. The story in Luke is so directly focused on the sisters’ conflict, but in John, they form part of a much bigger story. 

‘Their story in John’s Gospel outlines the core elements of ministry because of the emphasis on relationships, which is the centrality of Christ; what it means to be a disciple and what it means to be church.

‘It’s a great honour to be presenting a lecture that recognises the significant contribution Barry Marshall made to the College; he was a very creative and innovative man of a very deep and dynamic faith.

‘Barry loved the church and was always driven by new ways of being church, and that inspires me for the work we do at Trinity.

‘We treasure our Anglican traditions very deeply, but are also inspired by the opportunities to be relevant and vibrant in a changing society. 

‘It’s not about being stuck in the past, but about renewing and making our traditions dynamic – we need to be prepared to make changes, like Barry did. 

‘Martha and Mary’s story is about change and how they respond to change. As a community of disciples, we hold on to the core, but are free to make the changes we need to make, and think creatively about the future of the church and how we share the Gospel.’

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11 Aug 2011
Category: Learning