Trinity Chapel embraces wireless technology

From Sunday 4 March, people attending services in the Trinity College Chapel and Janet Clarke Hall will be able to follow complete orders of service on mobile devices.

Chapel attendees can follow the service online via the Trinity College Website, which provides almost all resources needed to follow and engage with the Chapel services. 

This initiative of the Trinity Chaplaincy team will reduce paper usage in the Chapel by more than half, while still catering for those who wish to use paper orders of service, or who do not have access to mobile devices.

Coupled with the new computer technology in the Chapel, people with internet connection will soon be able to watch Chapel services via a video podcast from anywhere in the world, as well as follow the service online. 

'Providing an online order of service has already helped us reduce our print output by 50%,' Trinity College Chaplaincy and Music Administrator, Philip Nicholls, who developed the online orders of service, said.  

'We now hand out a single sheet of paper with a reduced service outline, and refer people to our dedicated online services website.'

Trinity College Chaplain, the Revd Dr Andreas Loewe, added: 'I was thrilled to see so many of our students use the online order of service on their smartphones,' he said.

'I led the service from my own phone and know that my colleagues also followed the online order of service.

'We hope to make our Chapel a carbon neutral place this year, and this is a large step in the right direction.'

02 Mar 2012
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