Student ER White Purchases Unveiled

The 2011 ER White Club purchases were unveiled on Saturday evening in the Junior Common Room, prior to the Commencement Dinner.

Members of the 2011 ER White Club selected two prints, The Harvesters and The Loners, (pictured left) from Polixeni Papapetrou's Between Worlds series 2009.

Each year, the Club is given a percentage of the earnings from the sale of a John Brack painting to purchase a piece of artwork for the College's ER White Collection. The Club researches artists and exhibitions to select a piece that is purchased as a legacy for future students and visitors to the College. 

The artist, Polixeni Papapetrou, will present a fireside chat at the College in April, which will provide a wonderful opportunity to hear about her intentions behind these works and the Between World series, of which they are part of. 

View the new additions to the ER White collection





27 Feb 2012
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