New ER White Purchases Revealed

Recently unveiled at the Residential College commencement drinks were the purchases made by the ER White Club in 2012; two oil on board paintings by rising young artist, Carla Hananiah.

New Zealand born, Sydney-based Hananiah won the prestigious John Coburn emerging Artist Award in 2011, a prize awarded under the auspices of the Blake Prize that was established in 1951 for artists to explore the themes of religion and spirituality in art. She received further popular recognition the following year, winning the Viewers Choice of the 2012 Mosman Art Prize.

Nathan van As (TC 2010) and 2012 ER White President, describes the Club's selection of her work, Unfolding Splendour (pictured left) and Liberty, 'Carla Hanaiah's works defy simple description,' he said. 'They are vast expressions of the overwhelming beauty of nature and our relationship to its bewildering force but at the same time pay perfect attention to the minutiae of a changing light. The paintings are inspired by the land, and portray a truly sublime beauty. They serve to remind us that no matter how removed we are or feel from the land, as Sir Francis Bacon said, “Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome, seldom extinguished”.

'Carla Hananiah grew up with nature as an integral part of her life and as a result her artworks capture a sense of awed belonging to nature rather than being apart from it. We hope that as you view the works you will lose yourself in their immensity and beauty and appreciate the staggering talent of the young artist who captured this sublime side of so enigmatic a subject as nature.'

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13 Mar 2013
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