Wellbeing and pastoral support

Holistic Wellbeing is an integral aspect of Trinity’s program for resident students.

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Becoming a university student and moving into a residential college are major steps in the transition to adulthood. Trinity expects young adults to take responsibility for their own health and welfare, in a framework that supports them to be healthy, secure and well-cared for as they contribute to making a better-educated and more successful community.

All first-year resident students attend an orientation in which they are allocated a buddy who can also help support and answer any questions. During orientation and throughout semester students are encouraged to attend health & well-being workshops. These may include where to seek help, stress management, safety & inclusiveness workshops, managed by the Head of Wellbeing.


Every resident is part of a small community on their Corridor or Floor. A Resident Tutor and a Student Coordinator (senior student) will help develop Corridor communities, builiding friendships and teamwork. All Resident Tutors and Student Coordinators are First Aid trained.

Residential staff, led by the Head of Wellbeing, College Nurse and Chaplain, are available to listen to the concerns of students, and provide guidance and support. Students are encouraged to speak to the Head of Student Services about transitions beyond College into postgraduate study and careers.

Staff members are scheduled to be on duty to assist students with health or personal issues at all times, including weekends and evenings.

The College Nurse, a first aider or the University’s bulk-billing medical service are the first steps for students who feel physically unwell.  The Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency Department is located across the road from the College in emergencies. All students should take out ambulance cover. 

The Chaplain is available to speak to students who are facing bereavement, or family or relationship concerns. 

The University of Melbourne Counselling Service or a referral from the College Nurse or Chaplain to a private counsellor are recommended for students facing mental health challenges.

All matters discussed with counsellors, the Head of Wellbeing, the Chaplain, or the College Nurse are treated confidentially unless permission is given to discuss the matters with other individuals or a student is deemed at risk to self or others.

Wellbeing Committee & Health Events 

Trinity College has a student-led wellbeing committee that meets regularly with the Head of Wellbeing to discuss initiatives to increase the over-all wellbeing of all students. Each semester the Committee helps run a Wellbeing Week to improve awareness & knowledge of mental, physical, social and spiritual health.

The College is committed to respect of all students, and every student must undertake workshops on the Code of Conduct, on consent, and on bystander training.  

Men's & Women's Forums, run by professionals who understand the College community, are complemented by student-led discussion groups, University and Intercollegiate support groups.