Clubs and Societies

Trinity is renowned for its numerous clubs and societies and the ways they bring the College community together and contribute to its unique and vibrant character.

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Clubs and societies at Trinity are coordinated by the Trinity College Associated Clubs (TCAC) Committee.

TCAC Committee members are elected annually by the students. The Committee members are jointly responsible for organising and conducting a variety of cultural, sporting and social activities that enrich College community life and develop intellectual, social and physical skills. They also inject much fun and enjoyment into College life. 

Because the scope of each club’s activities is entirely up to the elected committees, the clubs and societies often differ from year to year. What does remain constant is the encouragement and welcome extended to all resident students to join in and enhance the College community experience.

With so many activities to organise there are many opportunities for students to take up leadership roles and develop leadership skills. Opportunities range from the responsibilities of the TCAC to simple committee membership. Students often surprise themselves at the skills they develop and the enjoyment they gain from organising activities for their peers.

Trinity College Associated Clubs

The Trinity College Associated Clubs (TCAC) is an incorporated student association within the College, encompassing and representing all residents as members of the Junior Common Room. Its primary aim is to foster good fellowship among all its members and to organise cultural, sporting, social and wider community activities in which all students can participate. 

Formed in 1934 as a replacement for the former student-run association, the ‘Social Club’, the TCAC has since provided an invaluable level of organisation and representation to the College community. The TCAC is managed by a committee of eight elected representatives.

Clubs and activities

Art Studio

In 2015, and for Semester 1, 2016, the Arts Studio is unfortunately homeless due to the ongoing Gateway building work. However the Club still has opportunities for events, and for classes, to be held in the Burge building.

Beer Brewing

Have you ever been interested in mastering the sacred art of brewing your own beer? If so, this club is for you. This aptly titled group is committed to the appreciation of all things beer and beer-related.

Beer Budlay

The Beer Budlay committee contributes significantly to the Trinity College social calendar. They are official bartenders and suppliers of V-Day, and provide students with some of the year’s most successful parties, which members can enjoy at discounted prices.

Billiards Room

Billiards Room members have year-round access to the Trinity Billiards Room, with its full-sized billiards table, billiards/snooker balls, cues, chalk, a ‘foosball’ table, and some of the most comfortable couches on the crescent. Events include annual billiards and darts competitions and parties with discounted prices for members.


After seeing how much fun the Tiger Tones were having with their irreverent renditions of pop songs, the Candystripes female a capella group was formed in 2008. This small ensemble focuses on singing contemporary pop and jazz. The aim is to have fun learning, singing and performing the songs, with the Justin Timberlake medley arranged by one of the members a particular highlight.

College Coffee Haus (Coffee Appreciation Society)

This club was formed in September 2014 and promises interesting events ahead.

Cooking Society

The Trinity College Cooking Society provides opportunities to cook (and eat) throughout the year. Events include cooking tutes, guest chefs, casual basement cooking, dinner parties and, of course, we aim to hold a Trinity College Master Chef competition.

Cripps' MCR

The postgraduate club.

Dance Society

The Dance Society provides students with the opportunity to try a multitude of dancing styles under the tuition of specialised instructors and talented students. You need not be trained nor have any dancing ability/coordination – this club is designed for everyone to have a go!

Dialectic Society

All members of the College, resident and non-resident, are automatically members of the Dialectic Society, founded in 1877, and thus Australia’s oldest collegiate society. Its primary focus is the encouragement of oratory and the promotion of literary culture through intercollegiate, inter-building and comedy debates, public speaking and an essay-writing competition.

Drama Club

The Trinity College Drama Club, founded in 1879, is responsible for staging the College play in the first Semester each year. All resident students and tutors are invited to audition for parts or apply for support positions. The President of the Drama Club appoints the Captain of the Theatre Sports team, which competes in the Inter-collegiate Theatre Sports Competition. The results of this contribute toward the awarding of the Arts Shield.

The Edward Rowden White Collection (ER White Club)

Established in 1989 by the College Art Committee, which decided that monies raised from the sale of a John Brack painting would be invested and used to establish an Art Fund. Each year the student-run club is given a percentage of the earnings to purchase art for the College. Art purchased since that time includes works by photographer Bill Henson, painter Jenny Watson, sculptor Pamela Irving, Chinese Australian artist Guan Wei, and also Australia’s leading photo media artist, Anne Zahalka.

Film Society

The aim of the Film Society is simple: to provide entertainment of the cinematic variety to the College community. The Film Society caters for all tastes because everyone loves at least one movie – right? This club is all about getting together, socialising and watching great films along with some tasty refreshments. 

Fitzstaneith Polling

A long, long time ago, in a far darker time (1995 to be exact), resident students Shem Fitzgerald, Richard Stanley and Simon Reith conceived a forum in which anonymous voting would lead to pointless collating of results and humorous (yet equally pointless) summaries of these results. This club trawls and polls the depths of the earth to learn the truth about Trinitarians. Newcomers will be told of the club Fitzstaneith Polling, which will forever live up to its mantra, ‘Go Fitz yourself!’.

Games Society

The motto of this club is ludo ingeniose, ludo iustus: play smart, play fair. Proud owners of the Trinity College Games Cupboard, the Games Society knows its games – Monopoly, Scrabble, Articulate, as well as many more – it’s all here! They also offer relaxing games nights in the JCR as well as video game challenges.

Informal Dining Society (IDS)

The Informal Dining Society provides students with the opportunity to cultivate an appreciation of food outside the College Dining Hall. This Society organises barbeques at College events, as well as regular group outings to some of Melbourne’s best-known establishments for an enjoyable meal or food crawl (at heavily discounted prices).

Music Society

The Trinity College Music Society feeds the musical appetite of the College. Main events include musical soirées throughout the year, musical excursions and, of course, the legendary inter-collegiate Battle of the Bands.

Music Theatre Society

The Music Theatre Society produces the College musical each year. The musical draws cast and chorus members from the College community (students and tutors) as well as members of the wider community. It also draws upon the talents of many budding musicians, costume designers, set designers and builders to help with backstage activities. In most years the musical is produced at an outside venue such as the Union Theatre at the University of Melbourne.


Outreach represents and manages several increasingly prominent elements of student life at Trinity, including community service, awareness of social justice issues, fundraising and cultural integration. Outreach programs include Red Cross Homework Club (tutoring); SAIL Program (Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning); guest speaker afternoon teas, and the Mission Australia Winter Sleepout. Some of these activities have been initiatives from student’s entries in the annual Louise Gourlay Prize for Social Change which offers a first prize of $2,000 to the winning team.

Trinity International Social Committee (TISC)

TISC is here for one and all. The Society’s aims are to help international students relax in their new home, to offer local students an opportunity to learn about other various cultures and to bring together the different cultures that make Trinity what it is – a fun, caring environment for everyone!

Trinity Racquets Society (TRS)

The Trinity Racquets Society, established in 2011, promotes and facilitates racquet sport playing amongst residents of the College, beginners and experts alike. This involves semester-long tennis and squash competitions, as well as a Semester 2 mixed doubles competition. The winners get the privilege to have their names on some of Trinity’s oldest trophies in the JCR. Additionally, the TRS hosts a cocktail event to award competition prizes, and organises day trips to tennis clubs.

Trinity Recreational Alpine Club (TRAC)

TRAC aims to engender College spirit in all students through the shared enjoyment of the outdoors of this, the greatest country in the world. This is achieved through the organisation of trips such as paintball, go-karting and weekend ski trips.

Trinity Tiger Tones

The men’s close harmony barbershop group, the Trinity Tiger Tones, was formed by then-resident tutor Angus Turner in 2007 and has since been a regular fixture at many College dinners and functions. The group sings a range of traditional barbershop repertoire and arrangements of more popular tunes by groups such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Jack Johnson and Sting.

Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar is one of the oldest clubs at Trinity, and facilitates social events where members learn about and enjoy wine. They throw the biggest on-campus party of the year, Paraiso, and take smaller groups on a Winery Tour and Day at the Races. They also hold regular wine tutorials in the Wine Cellar, and hold the annual Wine Cellar champagne breakfast on V-Day.

Other Committee involvement and leadership opportunities

Resident students are encouraged to become involved with leadership and the management of a variety of committees that are critical to the rich and rewarding experience of residency. Committee membership is also a way for students to find their personal niche in College life and contribute to the sense of community that Trinity fosters. The work of the committees repeatedly demonstrates the capabilities of the students to hold quality events and operate effective clubs. 

Students may volunteer or be appointed to the following committees:

Ball Committee

Every year, Trinity puts on one of the best balls (if not the best ball) of the College Crescent. The Ball Committee is chosen and charged with such a challenge under the guidance and leadership of the TCAC’s Social Secretary. Theme, venue, decorations, price negotiations, advertising, ticket sales – all these (and plenty more) are managed by the Committee.

Beer Garden (newspaper)

The Beer Garden is Trinity’s very own student-run newspaper. It fosters and facilitates debate on current issues and records the day-to-day life of Trinity. The editorial committee is assembled at the beginning of each year. The nominated editor-in-chief passes their discerning eye over all contributions – some make the cut, some don’t. However, contributions of all varieties are always welcome.

Buddies (Main O-Week)

A team of friendly O-week guides – their role is to help freshers settle in to the full College experience

Buildings & Grounds Advisory Group

Headed by the TCAC’s Indoor Representative, the Buildings and Grounds Committee offers constructive, critical support to the Buildings and Grounds Department of the College. This is a committee of a wide variety of interested residents who meet to discuss current or future issues concerning the College buildings and grounds.

Bulpadok (literary journal)

The Bulpadok is the College’s literary journal. It is normally published annually and seeks contributions from any person associated with the College (past and present tutors and students, resident and non-resident students, Fellows, Council members). Its contents range from scholarly essays to poems and creative prose. Photographs, works of art, and even musical scores are also welcome. The C L H Pullar Prize is awarded annually for the best item to appear in the Bulpadok.

Bursary Coordinators

A team to coordinate and oversee rosters for student Bursary service in the Dining Hall. 

Buttery (JCR Bar)

The Buttery is located in the Junior Common Room and is run by a Bar Manager with the aid of a Bar Treasurer, who are appointed each year. The Buttery sells beverages of all varieties at extremely reasonable (some might say ‘student’) prices in accordance with its primary aim of providing a welcoming social space within the College for residents to come, relax and enjoy.

Environment Committee

MirandaGronow 206x140As the world is increasingly becoming aware, green is the new black. The Environment Committee is a group of students determined to implement changes around the College to ensure a sustainable future. They collaborate with administration as well as students to investigate solutions for water wastage, recycling and a number of the pressing concerns that the committee, as well as the planet, are increasingly forced to face.

I'm passionate about helping to develop sustainable practices at Trinity and I think the College has a fantastic opportunity to model the workings of an environmentally friendly community to its residents.
  Miranda Gronow, Environments Committee & carbon offset purchaser

Fleur-de-Lys (yearbook)

The Fleur-de-Lys magazine is published each year by the students and captures in words and pictures the experiences of residents over their past year. It is compiled by a team of editors who work throughout the year and present a record of the goings-on of all the Clubs and Societies and sporting events.

Food Group

Headed by the TCAC’s Indoor Representative, the Food Group has the primary aim of improving the quality of food provided to the residents of the College. They discuss pertinent questions relating to both the variety and the types of food served. They offer constructively critical support to the catering staff.

Jester Committee

Headed by the mascot of Trinity, the College Jesters (Keepers of the Kollege Konstitution), the Jester Committee (The Fly-swatters) act to ensure that all sporting and cultural events Trinity participates in receive appropriate support from the wider College community – theirs is a loud voice that resonates broadly among the Trinity population.

Music Society - Musical Committee

The Trinity College Music Society is responsible for feeding the musical appetite of the College. Main events include musical soirees throughout the year, as well as musical excursions and, of course, the legendary intercollegiate Battle of the Bands.

Northern Territory Trip Committee

Each year during the September break, approximately one dozen residents undertake an excursion to the Northern Territory. The trip takes them to Darwin, Katherine and the Minyerri Aboriginal Community, with which the College has a close relationship. The TCAC’s Community Representative leads the committee, which must organise all trip details and arrangements.

Oak Program Coordinators

A team responsible for organising and facilitating weekly informal forums with Trinity Alumni to discuss the steps they took from living at College to where they are today. 

Outreach Committee

Volunteering is an important part of the Trinity experience and the Outreach Committee is dedicated to increasing involvement among students. Trinity provides opportunities for people to participate in community service, organise volunteering initiatives, and fundraise through events to raise money for community causes.

Sustainability Interns 

Sustainability interns drive educational initiatives and shape policy; reducing Trinity's carbon footprint
by purchasing offsets; promoting recycling systems and energy efficient facilities. 

Student Chaplaincy Council

The Chaplaincy Council supports the work of the Chaplains in preparing for the major weekly services. They participate as crucifers, acolytes, greeters, readers, servers and intercessors, and from time-to-time as speakers.

Student IT Committee

The Student IT Committee is the first port of call for students who have queries or require assistance with computers and technology. The committee is in charge of the Upper Clarke’s Computer Room, provides technical support around the rest of the College, and offers invaluable support to the College’s IT Department.

Tech Committee

The Tech Committee provides technical services to the Clubs and Societies and the TCAC for various events held throughout the year. They set up speakers, DJ equipment and the dance floor, and provide a much-needed DJ for many College parties.