The Chaplaincy team offers relevant, meaningful and engaged pastoral support to staff, students and alumni. The team also organises and supports worship in the Trinity College Chapel and beyond.


The Chaplains at Trinity College provide the highest possible standard of pastoral care and worship to all members of the Trinity College community.

Chaplains are available to students and staff across all areas of the College, to people of all faiths and none, and have an open door for whoever might drop by at any time. They might:

  • provide hospitality
  • offer counselling
  • assist in the resolution of academic and life issues as brokers or advocates
  • marshal resources in times of need or crisis
  • accompany individuals and groups through various challenges
  • provide theological and non-theological mentoring to students.

The Chaplains also ensure that the College Chapel and The Prayer Space (at 715 Swanston Street) are lively centres of worship by encouraging creative, respectful interaction across and within the different faith traditions represented in Trinity's diverse community.

Chaplaincy Team

The Revd Heather Cetrangolo

Heather is the Chaplain for the Pathways School at Trinity College and provides pastoral support for students and staff. Contact her.

The Revd Marilyn Hope

Marilyn is Chaplain for the Trinity College Theological School, and ministers to both staff and students who are part of the University of Divinity. Contact her.

George McPharlin

George is the Chapel Administrator and Manager of the Choir of Trinity College. You can contact him regarding chapel bookings, advertising and upcoming events. Contact himT: +61 (0)3 9348 7068

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