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Do you know what Trinity recycles?

With its power to help conserve natural resources, curb CO2 emissions, and reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfill, recycling plays a crucial role in the fight for a greener and more sustainable world. So Trinity is well and truly in on the action.

Global Recycling Day Trinity College

Today is Global Recycling Day, a worldwide day of reflection and hopefulness (amid the current craziness and uncertainty) that prompts us to think about how to improve the health of the planet. It’s a day to consider our consumption habits and to think about where our waste ends up after we dispose of it. (Realising that, no, it doesn’t disappear into fairy dust.)

Trinity is committed to creating a more sustainable future and we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. In fact, we’re on a bold mission to become carbon neutral by 2023, and have been steadily implementing a number of initiatives that demonstrate our dedication to recycling and reducing waste wherever possible.

Here are some of the planet-friendly things we do around campus:

  • Sourcing eco-friendly academic gowns made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles.
  • Providing students and staff with recycling stations for used batteries, toner cartridges and old computer equipment.
  • Donating plastic bread tags to a company that collects and recycles them to support people with disabilities.
  • Collecting water through extensive rainwater harvesting systems, and using the water on our gardens and to flush toilets.
  • Recycling materials from old buildings to construct our new residential building.
  • Installing PaperCut software onto our printing systems, which enables us to better track and reduce paper usage. 
  • Investing in a GAIA waste processing system for our kitchen, which transforms food scraps into compost for campus gardens and minimises our contribution to landfill.
  • Purchasing food supplies in bulk to reduce excess packaging and decrease the strain on Australia’s recycling system.
  • Providing students and staff with biodegradable plates, cutlery, and coffee cups – and encouraging the use of reusable items such as KeepCups when possible (COVID-19 notwithstanding).

'The world is made out of limited resources. One day we will run out of them. Waste not, want not still applies and should always be followed as a rule. Reducing waste and consumption also reduces pollution to the sea and land. It only takes a little from each individual to make a lot from the masses.

Trinity is a home for many young and passionate students. The influences people experience in tertiary education can be the building blocks for informing behaviour for the rest of the next generation’s lives.' 

 - Lexie Sarstedt and Oscar Yencken, Trinity College sustainability interns

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