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13 May 2022

With challenge comes opportunity – teaching collaborations across divisions

The upheaval to teaching and learning during the pandemic has also seen some valuable teaching collaborations take place across our three divisions, as our staff adapt to new ways of teaching.

Category: Learning

29 Apr 2022

Gourlay 2022: Q&A with Professor Jeremy Moon

Prof Jeremy Moon is Professor of Sustainability Governance and Director of Copenhagen Business School Sustainability Centre, Department of Management, Society and Communication. In this Q&A, he explains the difference between operating ethically and operating legally.

Category: Learning

26 Apr 2022

Gourlay 2022: Q&A with Professor Joanne Ciulla

Gourlay Ethics in Business Week visiting scholar, Professor Joanne Ciulla, tells us more about her journey and interest in business ethics.

Category: Learning

26 Apr 2022

Gourlay 2022: Q&A with Professor Dirk Matten

Professor Dirk Matten of the Schulich School of Business joins us for Gourlay Business Ethics Week 2022. He discusses the greatest constraints to businesses seeking to operate ethically.

Category: Learning

26 Apr 2022

Gourlay 2022 – Dr Mette Morsing: 'We need to change how management is taught'

Professor Mette Morsing, Head of PRME Principles of Responsible Management, UN Global Compact in New York, believes our best shot at embedding ethical practices in businesses starts in the classroom.

Category: Learning

26 Apr 2022

Gourlay 2022: Q&A with Professor Robert Phillips

Professor Robert Phillips comes to Gourlay Business Ethics Week from York University’s Schulich School of Business in Canada. He discusses the business ethics issues that are currently having the greatest impact.

Category: Learning

19 Nov 2020

Media Festival 2020 wrap-up

Last month, the Media and Communications department within Trinity’s Pathways School hosted an online media festival, adapting to the challenges of 2020. Though we couldn’t celebrate in person this year, the digital world revealed a number of opportunities.

Category: Learning

07 Sep 2020

From the experts: how to network effectively online

In the business and entrepreneurial world, networking has long been considered a key avenue to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with potential employers and colleagues. But since the turn of the year, networking has looked very different in the time of social distancing, so we asked an expert panel what networking looks like in the new normal.

Category: Learning

31 Aug 2020

Why you should network at university (and what networking means for students)

Networking can seem a little intimidating, particularly if you’re a student and are yet to embark on your career. But it’s never too early to start and effective networking can lead to big results in the long run.

Category: Learning

17 Aug 2020

What does the future of work look like?

Last week, a panel of Trinity alumni joined us on Zoom from around Australia to discuss what the next generation of jobs will look like. The big question was, how can we best prepare for the workforce of the future?

Category: Learning

27 Feb 2020

How to make the most of your 2020

What does your plan look like for 2020? Have you set any goals to make the most of this academic year?

Category: Learning

20 Mar 2019

Panel discussion considers the future of capitalism

Each year, Trinity College hosts a visiting professor as part of an ethics in business program instigated by the late John Gourlay (TC 1954) and his wife Louise in 2005.

Category: Learning

03 Nov 2017

Alumni panel discuss diversity in sustainable careers lecture

What do an embryologist, horticulturalist and a humanitarian activist have in common? They are all former students of Trinity College, and are currently pursuing their passions in the diverse field of sustainability.

Category: Learning

20 Oct 2017

Five Tips for Study Success

The exam period is fast approaching and if not managed effectively this can often lead to anxiety and stress. To help, we've compiled a list of our top five study tips to make sure you're exam ready.

Category: Learning

25 Sep 2017

Students Walk Through a Winter Wonderland

On Friday 15 September, hundreds of students from the Foundation Studies program found themselves walking through snowflakes, as the Gateway building was transformed into a Winter Wonderland.

Category: Learning

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