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18 Oct 2022

International fresher Stella Mackenzie reflects on her experience at Trinity

First-year international student Stella Mackenzie talks about her experience of living at Trinity so far, including balancing study and hobbies, and settling in with the aid of Trinity’s international student committee.

11 Oct 2022

Cooper Craig-Peters on designing the Indigenous guernsey for the Western Bulldogs

Trinity student Cooper Craig-Peters plays for the Western Bulldogs in the VFL and is proud to see his teammates wearing an Indigenous guernsey, which he designed in 2018. One of Cooper’s guernsey’s now hangs as part of the Trinity College art collection, so we caught up with Cooper to chat about his upbringing and culture, and what his design means.

10 Oct 2022

Jem Herbert on why he chose Trinity and why music brings out the best in him

According to Jem Herbert, his love of classical music has always brought out the best in him. It’s what drove him to join the Australian Boys’ Choir after a childhood spent in the Victorian High Country. It’s what drove him to leave home at age 13 to study music. It’s what delivered him to the gates of Trinity College, where he became a member of the Choir of Trinity College, music director of the Trinity Tiger Tones, and writer of one of our musicals.

05 Oct 2022

Rebecca Martin – how a Trinity scholarship changed her life

From rural NSW to the US Department of State: Rebecca Martin talks about the scholarship that changed her life.

30 Sep 2022

Meet the Residential College’s new TCAC for 2022–23

With the closing tenure of the 2021–22 TCAC, we meet the people who will become the primary facilitators of residential life for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

21 Sep 2022

How a scholarship saved Will time and helped him find lifelong friends

Will Smith's high school teachers helped him find the ideal uni course to match his interests, while a college scholarship gave him the space to thrive while studying.

21 Sep 2022

Surgery in space. 3D-printed spines. Alvin Pun explains some of the lesser-known aspects of surgery

It took Alvin Pun (TCFS 1993) a long time to work out what he wanted to do with his life, and even longer to decide which stream of medicine he wanted to follow, having assumed that once he graduated from med school he would just be a ‘doctor’. But eventually he worked it out, as most students do, and is now a leading spine surgeon. Here he gives insight into his career choice, why seeing a surgeon costs so much, and why the life of a surgeon isn’t as glamorous as you may think.

Category: People

20 Sep 2022

Oscar Hegge on moving to Trinity from Perth

Oscar Hegge can’t quite say how he chose Melbourne as the city that would form the backdrop of the post-school chapter of his life, but his move to Victoria and to Trinity College turned out to be the right decision.

16 Sep 2022

Meet Theological School administrator Joanne Pope

Joanne shares her favourite book, Bible verse, and the activity that makes her lose track of time.

Category: Theological School

15 Sep 2022

How living at Trinity helped accelerate Dan Adamson’s course of study

One of the greatest strengths of the Trinity community is its commitment to creating an environment that allows students to excel in their chosen area of study. For Dan Adamson, it meant gaining work experience with alumni and fast tracking his degree.

06 Sep 2022

What is Foundation Studies?

If you’re a student looking to study at university abroad, you may be told that you need to enrol in a foundation studies course for international students. So, what is a foundation studies program and how can it help you gain access to the university of your choice?

Category: Foundation Studies

05 Sep 2022

Morgan Coleman on how a scholarship changed his life

Morgan Coleman grew up in Central Victoria in a financially disadvantaged household, so joined Trinity College on a scholarship. He shares how being surrounded by motivated and inspiring people at Trinity opened up a life he never dreamt possible.

02 Sep 2022

Meet our new Senior Student Lucie Griffin

Lucie Griffin has been named our incoming Senior Student for 2022–23. Our Senior Student heads up Trinity's residential student association, the TCAC. Congratulations, Lucie!

29 Aug 2022

Sarah Bickford on pushing through fear and moving interstate – for great reward

Sarah Bickford made the move from Cairns to Trinity College, Melbourne, wanting to push herself out of her comfort zone. Though she was nervous about the move, her leap of faith paid off.

25 Aug 2022

Will introverts enjoy college? Absolutely – just ask Steven

As an introvert, Steven Banh wasn’t sure if college life was for him – and he knew that paying full-price college fees was out of the question for someone in his financial position. However, a scholarship and a ‘give everything a go’ attitude saw him land on his feet.

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