Wigram Allen Competition 2010

Fulfilling the task of engaging the audience on 'any topic', the three 2010 entrants for the Wigram Allen demonstrated both commendable diversity and engaging style.

Tim Newton's (2nd year Commerce) discussion of 'weasel words', aptly illustrated by 'Palinisms and Bushims', brought the Junior Common Room to loud laughter, while Imogen Dewey's (2nd year Arts/Music) thoughtful analysis of her own personal intellectual journey towards appreciating 'academic' literature was highly applauded by the judges, internationally renowned novelist Robert Dessaix (currently a visiting scholar at the College, and writing a book of essays), as well as Trinity staff Jeff Richardson and Dr Sally Dalton-Brown.

Robert Dessaix, awarding the $350 prize to Daniel Gibbons (1st year Commerce) on the strength of the 'passion and argument' demonstrated in his discussion of Why Australia needs a bill of rights, noted the very high standard of all three entries. The competition was run by Joshua Crowther, Dialectic Secretary.

30 Aug 2010
Category: Learning