Uni of Melbourne scholarship success for Foundation Studies students

By Emily McAuliffe

Congratulations to the following Foundation Studies students, who received scholarships to study at the University of Melbourne.

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Andrea Marie Lopez Salvador
  • Vanessa Famdanny
  • Layla Azura Amir Zain
  • Jeremy Oliver


Andrea Salvador shares what the scholarship means to her

Andrea SalvadorWhat does receiving a University of Melbourne scholarship mean to you?

Receiving a University of Melbourne scholarship was a much-needed confidence booster and affirmation following my first year of studying online; this recognition assured me that my hard work throughout the program finally paid off, and that I was now ready to move onto university after successfully acquiring the lessons and skills my supportive lecturers and tutors provided me.

How do you think Trinity College has prepared you for university?

Now that I’m in my first semester of university, I can affirm that Trinity College’s Foundation Studies program was a monumental stepping stone to ensure I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the fast-paced structure and high standards of university. As a Foundation Studies student, I improved and refined my research and writing skills, learned to confidently communicate with classmates from all over the world, and engaged myself in a variety of academic disciplines — which have all been instrumental in helping me adjust to the University of Melbourne.


Commerce Undergraduate International Merit Scholarship

  • Vannita Som
  • Yilin Chen
  • Siying Wang


AryaIt’s a great honor to be one of the scholarship receivers for the University of Melbourne. The year just passed was definitely a tough one. As an international student from China, I had to cancel my original plan to come to Australia since the national borders were closed. I even considered changing my study abroad program. However, after my first week at Trinity, I changed my mind, since everything here is new and challenging for me; the erudite and informed teachers, the well-formed classes, and rigorous approach led to a place I had never been before. There is much more I could tell, since what I got from here is more than words. 

Moreover, during this year, I developed critical thinking and the ability to analyse questions from all directions, which has prepared me for the coming university adventure. Thanks again for all I received from Trinity.

Siying (Arya) Wang

Bachelor of Commerce Global Scholarship

  • Joel Loh
  • Nguyen Huu Khanh Luong
  • Michelle Kristie Lai
  • Xaviera Quincy Jhon
  • Fayqa Tanaya
  • Sau Sean Toh
  • Hoi Io Yeung
  • Wei Da Ho
  • Jesher Lim Yi
  • Do Chi Tuong Tran
  • Ngoc Mai Nguyen
  • Minh Duy Dao


16 Aug 2021
Category: Foundation Studies