Trinity welcomes esteemed Visiting Scholars

The College is delighted to welcome two prestigious Visiting Scholars from the United States: Roy Neel, Chief of Staff for former Vice President Al Gore, and his wife, Jenny Clad, attorney and Executive Director of Gore’s Climate Project.

Roy currently oversees climate change advocacy programs, national and international political relationships and clean energy business liaisons. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University, where he teaches courses in US Presidency, White House operations, and Presidential Transitions.

Roy served as Vice President Gore’s Chief of Staff in the White House, later moving to the West Wing as President Bill Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, where he managed the daily operations of the White House during a time of great stress and great success.

During the 2000 presidential election and the historic recount period, Roy served as Director of Gore’s Transition Team, managing the assembly of a cabinet-in-waiting in the event of a Gore victory. After the successful 1992 campaign, he was a central figure in the Clinton-Gore transition planning effort.

He has written and lectured widely on politics, presidential campaigns, transitions and White House operations, appearing frequently as a political commentator on network television.

His wife, Jenny Clad, was the original Executive Director of The Climate Project, founded by Al Gore, and helped Gore train 4,500 select, diverse and talented individuals in the US, China, UK, Australia, Spain, Canada, India, Indonesia, and Mexico, with branches in Eastern Europe, Brazil, and South Africa to educate the public and to raise awareness about climate change and sustainability.

Jenny has a rich background in international business, environmental advocacy, law, and conflict resolution. She is currently a consultant in projects involving aspects of sustainability in the US and abroad, including the Alliance for Climate Protection and the Australia Conservation Foundation.

Trinity College Warden, Associate Professor Andrew McGowan, expressed his delight in welcoming them to the Visiting Scholars program.

‘We are honoured to welcome Roy and Jenny to Trinity – their achievements, knowledge and expertise will no doubt provide incredible inspiration to our students and staff,’ the Warden said.

Roy and Jenny will interact and discuss topical issues with the Trinity community, including leading a Fireside Chat on Wednesday 19 October titled: ‘The Forthcoming US Elections’.

21 Oct 2011
Category: Learning