Trinity Warden's New Book

Warden of Trinity College, Associate Professor Andrew McGowan, has edited a new book on New Testament studies as a tribute to his doctoral adviser, Harold W Attridge, now Dean of the Divinity School at Yale University.

Method and Meaning: Essays on New Testament Interpretation in Honor of Harold W Attridge (SBL), was co-edited with recently retired Director of the Society of Biblical Literature, Kent Harold Richards.

‘This collection of essays explores method in New Testament interpretation, intended to be of use to a variety of students and scholars,’ Andrew said.

‘The content considers now-classic issues and methods such as form and redaction criticism, but there are also essays on social-scientific, post-colonial and feminist perspectives.

‘The book has contributions from many highly respected authors and scholars from around the world, including Pheme Perkins, Sean Freyne and Elaine Pagels; my Queen’s College counterpart, Professor David Runia, is also a contributor.’

‘Andrew is a respected academic with an international reputation as a scholar and author,’ Chief of Staff of Trinity College, Dr Brenda Holt, said.

‘Contributing literature of this standard continues to promote Trinity as a place of world-class learning, with outstanding staff and leaders.’

Andrew is also author of Ascetic Eucharists: Food and Drink in Early Christian Ritual Meals (Clarendon) and co-editor of God in Early Christian Thought: Essays in Memory of Lloyd G Patterson (Brill).

About Method and Meaning:

Never before has there existed a more diverse set of possibilities for understanding the canonical texts of the New Testament, other early Christian literature, and the history of the emergent Christian movement that was to become the Church. Readers will find discussions of both new and traditional methods of New Testament study, with numerous examples indicating how these approaches work and what insights they yield.

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11 Nov 2011
Category: Learning