With challenge comes opportunity – teaching collaborations across divisions

By Miriam Nicholls

The upheaval to teaching and learning during the pandemic has also seen some valuable teaching collaborations take place across our three divisions, as our staff adapt to new ways of teaching.

Richard Ascough running a teaching seminar at Trinity College
Professor Richard Ascough running a seminar for Trinity teachers and tutors

Pathways School intakes are simultaneously online and in person, and Residential College tutorials remain online to ensure equity of access for students in and out of isolation and to maintain the extensive offerings across subject areas. As Trinity has emerged from COVID restrictions into this new hybrid learning environment, new opportunities for collaboration have also emerged.

Pathways School academics have spent the last two years honing their skills in the online environment, and, early in 2022, we saw a great opportunity for that expertise to be shared across the College.

When the university semester commenced, all Residential College tutors had the opportunity to attend a session, run by Pathways School blended learning coordinator, Dr Miriam Nicholls, on best practice use of Teams. While some students prefer face-to-face classes, there can be significant pedagogical advantages to studying on Teams, and the 60 Residential College tutors now have knowledge and understanding of how these can be maximised. This session, and its follow-up drop-in session, have also showcased the skills underpinning much of the work performed in the Pathways School in the last two years.

We have continued to find opportunities for collaboration as the year has progressed. Theological School visiting scholar, Professor Richard Ascough, presented an active teaching workshop to staff from the Residential College, the Pathways School and the Theological School (pictured). This session inspired a new way of thinking about the classroom, whether it be face-to-face or online, and provided a great opportunity for the three divisions of the College to come together and recognise a common purpose – that is, to engage learners, and create an environment where students are not only presented with information, but actively participate in their own learning.


13 May 2022
Category: Learning