Kokoda countdown begins

Twelve ambitious Trinity College students are rigorously training in preparation for their much-anticipated trip to Kokoda over Easter.

The students are participating in an eight-week Leadership Challenge, organised by tutor and ironman Nathan Jessup, which explores leadership, team building and physical fitness in preparation for their journey.

Working in teams of three, their training regime consists of activities including iron man programs, leadership classroom challenges, time trials, hill sprints, and bikram yoga; yoga that is practised in an intentionally heated room.

Student Daniel Cavanagh (3rd year Commerce) said the students are feeling very prepared for the challenge ahead.

‘The training exercises Nathan is putting us through are very thorough,’ Daniel said.

‘Not only do we feel prepared physically, but participating in training such as bikram yoga, has taught us that it’s also about our mental attitude and strength.

‘Going to Kokoda gives me the chance to explore a different, practical form of leadership in the context of learning about Australia’s military history, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the Australians who fought for us on the track.’

TCAC Community Representative Jerome Cubillo (3rd year Arts) said he is enjoying developing his skills as a leader.

‘For me it’s about opening my mind, broadening my experiences and developing my creative leadership skills,’ said Jerome.

‘Participating in the Kokoda program has sparked my passion for wanting to give something back to the Australian community.

‘It also gives me the inspiration and desire to encourage more students to become involved in volunteering initiatives in our local community.

‘It’s about pushing the boundaries and discovering my potential as a leader¬–plus the excitement of participating in an incredible physical challenge.’

Leadership Challenge Patron, Brian Loton, invited the support of Trinity alumni and friends, and their generosity has turned this program into a reality.

The 12 students set off next week; we look forward to hearing their many stories and experiences.

12 Apr 2011
Category: Learning