Kate Crowhurst Announced Australian UN Youth Representative Finalist

Trinity College Resident Tutor, Kate Crowhurst, has been named a finalist in the selection of the 2013 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations General Assembly.

Kate is well known around the College as a learned and passionate individual who loves talking about international relations and politics, both subjects that Kate took as university majors.

Australia’s Youth Representative to the UN is given the opportunity to tour Australia during their appointment, meeting with youths and voicing issues important to youths in an address to the UN General Assembly in New York.

Kate became motivated to apply for this opportunity when she heard about Malala Yousufzai, a young Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for asserting women’s right to education.

Kate recalls standing in the College Dining Hall thinking, ‘If I want to see change in the world, I need to help make that change happen,’ she said. 

Studying education, Kate has taught disadvantaged students through the Teach for Australia program and is currently teaching at Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne.

Kate’s application was based on the importance of upholding education as a universal human right and increasing youth accessibility to the UN.

Having learned much from past UN youth conferences, Kate’s vision is that UN studies and model UN conferences will be incorporated into a national curriculum.

‘It’s important to engage all young Australians in political debate and make the UN a more familiar and accessible organisation to Australia’s youth,’ Kate said.

This step would introduce practical support and direction for teachers and ensure youths from diverse geographic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds are engaged, accurately expressing what matters to Australia’s youth.

Growing up in Bahrain and moving to Australia as a child, Kate developed an international perception of the world at an early age. She is astute to the value of Australia as a diverse nation and strongly believes Australia stands to gain much from its diversity if it is properly engaged in the classroom and in diplomatic affairs.

Kate believes UN Youth Australia can help develop global mindedness in Australian youths, suggesting it expand its projects to include international collaboration and opportunities for exchange.

Having made it through rigorous application processes and conducting an assessed demonstrative workshop, Kate’s achievement is remarkable. Trinity congratulates her on her work as an education ambassador and the success of her application.



18 Feb 2013
Category: Learning