Intercollegiate house building in Cambodia

After participating in the Tabitha Foundation’s house building initiative in Cambodia, 24 leaders from Trinity College, Ormond College and Queen’s College have returned home with many memories and a renewed sense of intercollegiate spirit.

In December 2011, the group, which included 12 students from Trinity, flew to Cambodia to build houses for families in the Battambang region.

The teams worked under the leadership and guidance of local community members to build 30 houses in four days.

‘It was a phenomenal experience,’ said participant Daniel Cavanagh (TC 2010).

‘Watching the families move into their new homes at the end of our stay was incredibly special’.

As well as helping to effect positive change within the local community, the experience also served to unite the group of students from around College Crescent.

‘Another highlight of the trip was definitely the intercollegiate experience,’ Daniel said.

‘The house building project presented an opportunity to meet people from other colleges in a non-competitive environment.’

The group hopes that this intercollegiate spirit is built upon in 2012 – project leaders from each college are hoping to work together to provide more opportunities for intercollegiate community service throughout the year.

13 Feb 2012
Category: Learning