Theological Library

Theological students have access to two major reference and research collections as well as extensive online resources.

Image of the Leeper Library at Trinity College

The Leeper Library

As well as its general reference and text book collections, the main College library holds three special collections relevant to Theology: the Mollison Collection of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne; the Leeper Collection; and the Anglican Special Collection.

These collections include standard theological works and the set texts for the Ministry Formation Program. The library also provides access to a wide range of electronic resources of special importance to online students of the Theological School.

The collections have a strong focus on works relevant to the Anglicanism, as well as on liturgy, spirituality and missions. There are also extensive collections on such matters as the role of Christianity in the modern world, including bio-medical ethics, issues of peace and war, and the role of women in the Church.

The library also holds modest paper holdings of current periodicals; subscribes to significant full-text services online; and includes a comprehensive collection of early Church journals and Australian Anglican official publications.

See here for more information about library resources at Trinity College. Theology students wishing to borrow from the Leeper Library will need to have a Trinity College ID card. Please enquire at the Administration Office of the Theological School. 

The Dalton McCaughey Library

Trinity College Theology students have full access to the Dalton McCaughey Library (DML), which is housed at the Centre for Theology and Ministry at 29 College Crescent, a few minutes walk from Trinity College. The DML holds a world-class research theology collection. Trinity College was a founding partner in its establishment as a joint theological library for students on the Parkville campus. Enrolled students will need a University of Divinity ID card to borrow from the library and this can be obtained from the Administration Office at Trinity College Theological School. 

The Library Hub at the University of Divinity

The Library Hub provides access to an extensive range of online resources (databases, ejournals and eBooks) and a wealth of other library-related information. It is the University of Divinity’s online one-stop shop for all things “library,” providing links to many useful tools and resources, including academic resources, library special collections, FAQs, and a range of general and subject-based LibGuides. The Library Hub’s “Everything” search brings back results from both electronic resources as well as the print holdings of associated libraries. Use the filters on the left to expand or limit your search results.

All members of the University are entitled to access and borrow from all University of Divinity Libraries, to access the University Library Hub, and to receive a University ID Card. This can be used to borrow from all associated libraries, but students will have to register at each library before they borrow for the first time.

For other enquiries about the University-wide library resources and services, email: