Fergus King

The Revd Dr Fergus King

MA(Hons) St Andrews, BD(Hons) Edinburgh, DTheol UNISA
Farnham Maynard Lecturer in Ministry Education

Director of the Ministry Education Centre

Headshot of Dr Fergus King, Director of the Ministry Education Centre

E: fergusk@trinity.edu.au 

Fergus has a particular interest in  the missiological implications of the New Testament. In his doctorate, awarded by the University of South Africa, he explored how the phenomenon of inculturation or contextualisation was used by the gospel writers to explain the phenomenon of Jesus’ life and death, and the church’s response to those events. Critical to this is an understanding of “re-accentuation” (Mikhail Bakhtin): the process by which terms may be invested with a fresh meaning by their application to a new situation. This is undertaken using a methodology which recognises the significance of lexical fields (James Barr) and explores “family resemblances” (Ludwig Wittgenstein) rather than genealogical (cause and effect) links. All this is founded on Martin Hengel’s judgment that the NT is missiological in nature.

In his more recent work, he has researched how the NT writings resonate with the religious, philosophical and literary traditions of the ancient world to present the Christian faith in ways understood by their first audiences. This work recognises the porous boundaries which exist between Judaism, Graeco-Romanitas and emerging Christianity.

This research is then complemented by a hermeneutics of correspondence (Clodovis Boff) or resonance (Fidon Mwombeki) to suggest appropriate missiological theory and practice for our very different circumstances.

Fergus has also been influenced strongly by a lived experience and study of Christian faith in Africa and holds the view that African theological thinking and discourse should not be relegated to the sidelines of contemporary theology, or made to conform to the  agendas of the North and West, and, indeed, that there needs to be, as an act of justice, an increased recognition of the contribution made historically by African thinkers to Christianity.

Current Research Areas

  • Missional introduction and readers for the NT
  • Anglican Church in Tanzania
  • NT and post-Aristotelian Philosophy
  • Sociocultural readings of the NT

Areas for Supervision

  • Hermeneutics
  • Sociocultural and socialiterary readings of the NT
  • Post-Aristotelian Philosophy
  • African Christian Theology
  • Missional readings of the NT


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Community Engagement

  • Cur Deus et Homo? Reflections on the Place of New Testament Studies in a Liberal Arts Faculty.  Presented at the University of Newcastle GRIT Workshop on Religion, the Academy and the Public Sphere, Noah's On the Beach, Monday 10 December 2007 
  • "What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?": On the Absence of the Erotic in  the Pupil-Teacher Relationship in the Depiction of Platonism in Judaism and Early Christianity”. Presented at  Socrates, Alcibiades, and the Divine Lover & Educator: A Research Conference revolving round the Platonic AlcibiadesI. University of Newcastle,  4–6 December 2008 
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  • Diocese of Newcastle, Clergy Study Day, February 2012
  • “In Hoc Signo: A Literary and Social Analysis of Constantine's Dream”presented at “Christianity and the Prince: the Interweaving of Faith and Secular Power since Constantine”, the Fourth St Paul’s College Symposium, University of Sydney, 4 December 2012
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  • Panellist, Reformation Day, 18 February 2017, Holy Family RC Church, Lindfield
  • Panellist, Mission in the New Testament, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Clergy Conference, 27 July 2017
  • Speaker, Reformation Day, St James’, Wyong, October 2017
  • Member, International Association for Mission Studies
  • Member, Fellowship of Biblical Studies
  • Member, Society for New Testament Studies.

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