Campus Life

Trinity is a welcoming and diverse community - we hope that this community enriches you and your studies.

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For more than 140 years, Trinity College has been one of Australia’s pre-eminent tertiary institutions for nurturing excellence, diversity, and community service. Through its extensive range of academic and extracurricular activities, Trinity offers a ‘large and liberal education’, which especially emphasises international and intercultural awareness, ethical values, equity and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to pursue their studies vigorously and to their full intellectual potential, while also participating in a variety of extracurricular intellectual, musical, sporting, cultural, and community service activities.

Trinity is strongly committed to gender equality (being the first university college in Australia to admit women), to supporting Indigenous students, refugees, and those with financial need, to make education accessible to all. Students and staff of all faiths and none are welcome at our College. Our Anglican heritage and values are continued in our community. Our Chapel life and saying grace before dinner are part of our traditions.

Homophobia, racism and sexism have absolutely no place at the College and students who are shown to demonstrate such attitudes may be subject to disciplinary action.

Our vision at Trinity is also to educate leaders for a sustainable future, and lead by example. Trinity’s ‘planitgreen’ initiatives aim to provide long-term benefits at local and global levels for current and future generations of students, staff and visitors to the College, by enhancing and maintaining Trinity’s campus, and by minimising our environmental impact.