Student Testimonials

Hear from our Foundation Studies students about their experiences living, studying and thriving at Trinity College.

At Trinity College, we're honoured to see students coming from all around the globe to undertake our Foundation Studies program. Our students love their time at Trinity college and leave not only well-equipped to study at the University of Melbourne, but also having had experiences that are fulfilling, insightful and unique. But don't take our word for it, here's what some of our amazing students have to say about our program.

Hear from Rark Tae Hyun, Lee Hee Yeon, and Yoo Sang Won from South Korea

Rark, Lee and Yoo started studying at Trinity College in February and August 2016. Encouraged by family members to attend Trinity College, they were thrilled about coming to Australia and experience Trinity College themselves.



Explore the story of Charles Brian Tantuco, Jennifer Tsang and Stephanie Siy Cha from the Philippines

Charles, Jennifer and Stephanie started studying at Trinity College in February and August 2016. Coming to Trinity opened up new opportunities for them, including further study at the University of Melbourne.



Listen to Vo Thi Thuy Ngan and Thai Viet Ouc Trung from Vietnam

Vo and Thai started their studies in February and July 2016. They were able to enhance their existing knowledge and skills while pursing subjects they are truly passionate about.