Wellbeing and Personal Support

Discover the wellbeing and personal support services available to you when you complete Foundation Studies at Trinity College.

Wellbeing and personal support

You can feel reassured that Trinity College will look after you and support you in every aspect of your life when you study with us. This means you'll be able to quickly settle into your new life in Melbourne and have the best chance to excel at your studies. All of our wellbeing and personal support services are completely free for students, so you can access help or guidance at any time from our friendly staff.

Student Wellbeing

Our Student Wellbeing team can offer you personalised support in areas such as:

  • personal wellbeing
  • health
  • adjustment to life in Melbourne
  • independent living skills
  • class attendance
  • accommodation
  • management of crisis and emergency situations.

You can access these support services both during the school term and in holiday periods, as needed.


Compassionate and confidential counselling is available to help you maintain mental wellbeing and cope with any personal or study-related difficulties. Talking to someone about your struggled can help you boost your energy, improve your time management and approach your studies with more clarity.

You can make an appointment to speak to a campus counsellor over the phone or in person.

Careers and alumni

As you progress in your Foundation Studies program at Trinity College, you'll be supported by our Careers and Alumni Office. You'll have access to exciting opportunities such as:

  • career development workshops
  • business information sessions
  • job and internship opportunities
  • networking events.

You can learn more about the Careers and Alumni Office and the support and services they provide here.


Australia has very high health standards and excellent medical facilities, should you ever need them.

Trinity College is supported by the University of Melbourne Health Service, which provides comprehensive health services, including out-of-hours emergency assistance and a 24-hour medical helpline. 

If you require further medical assistance, there are several internationally renowned medical facilities within walking distance to the Trinity College Campus, including:

  • The Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne
  • The Royal Children's Hospital
  • The Royal Women's Hospital

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

You need to take out Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to meet the terms of your student visa. This will mean you're covered financially if you do require medical care during your studies in Australia.

With OSHC, you'll be able to access things like:

  • ambulance services
  • reduced costs for doctor, radiology and pathology appointments
  • a 24-hour student hotline available in more than 180 languages, providing emergency and non-emergency support, general advice and interpretation services.

Trinity College can arrange OSHC for you through insurer Bupa, or you can organise your own OSHC if you choose. 

Click here for further information about Bupa's OSHC, or here regarding what's covered. You can also visit www.bupa.com.au/students or send an email to uom@bupa.com.au. You can reach OSHC by telephone on 1800 644 111 (general enquiries), or 1300 884 235 (24-hour student advice line).

To obtain your BUPA OSHC card:

  1. login to www.mybupa.com.au
  2. update your local address and order your membership card
  3. confirm other personal details such as name and date of birth
  4. make sure you extend cover should your end date be different to what you have purchased.

To make any changes, use one of the following options:

  • visit the member self-service area 
  • visit the Bupa representative at the University of Melbourne Heath Service - 138-146 Cardigan St, Carlton between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • telephone 1800 644 111
  • email uom@bupa.com.au

Note: Trinity College receives a commission from BUPA for arranging OSHC policies for students. The funds received contribute to the provision of student welfare and support services.

OSHC premium increase

BUPA recently advised Trinity College that our Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) premium will increase as of 28 February 2023. Click here for an overview of the new fee structure.

Note: irrespective of the intake and commencement year of the program, if a student accepts a Trinity offer on or before 28 February 2023 and wishes to pay OSHC, the old OSHC premium listed on the Letter of Offer is applicable. Note that the new OSHC premium will be applicable for any student that accepts their offer after 28 February 2023. For students who accept their offer after the 28 February 2023 - the deposit listed in the initial Letter of Offer will not change, however the OSHC premium difference will be payable in the student’s second instalment at Trinity.

If you have any questions, please contact foundationstudies@trinity.unimelb.edu.au