Online Lecture Videos 2020

Did you miss one of our 2020 live lectures or want to watch them again? Well you're in luck, we have them all saved here for you.

Take a look at the role of biology in forensic science.
Find out how drama can enhance English communication skills beyond reading and writing to empower you to communicate in any context.
Find out what economics is, why it's important and why we need it, using examples from the Royal family.
Media & Communications
Explore media literacy in relation to new media, and learn about echo chambers, viral news, fake news and platforms like TikTok and YouTube.
Learn about nuclear physics, the Big Bang, fusion and fission, elementary particles and accelerators.
Look into a real-life case study to find out how a company does its books, and see how manipulation can lead to fraud and the demise of a company.
Examine the biological, psychological and social/cultural factors that contribute to behaviour, as well as the diversity of human experience.
English for Academic Purposes
Learn about the origins and influences of everyday English in Australia and find out how it has developed in our culture.
History of Ideas
Delve into an array of 'big' concepts and movements within Western tradition and look at some of the answers to these big questions.
Mathematics 2
Learn about logic, statistics and coding as they relate to the coronavirus.
Explore the interactions between atoms and find out why chemistry is such a big part of our everyday lives.
Environment, Development & Design
Explore the concept of sustainability and learn why cities need to be sustainable and what design features can be used to ensure they are.
Mathematics 1
Take a look into the wonderful world of mathematics. 
Learn what drives life on earth, and how it all works.
Take a journey through three of the key topics studied in the TCFS Literature program.