Meet your Teachers

Jim Craig 206x140Jessica Mullin

Mathematics 2 lecturer

Jess has been teaching mathematics at Trinity in the Foundation Studies program since 2015. She enjoys getting to know students from different countries both in the classroom and through various extracurricular activities.

Jess holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate of Teaching from the University of Melbourne. She is currently undertaking further study to upgrade her teaching qualification to a masters degree.

Before arriving at Trinity, Jess taught undergraduate tutorial classes at Monash University for several years and tutored high school students preparing for their final examinations.

Jess enjoys working with students of all abilities to develop their mathematical skills and academic confidence as they progress towards their university education.


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Joanne Wilson

Drama lecturer and Associate Subject Leader

Jo started her career in dance and after breaking her ankle, went on to get a Bachelor of Education with a double major in both dance and drama at Victoria College, Rusden.

Jo has had a performing background rich in experience from an early age. She has extensive professional experience as a dancer, choreographer, theatre director, performer and writer, but has always had a keen interest in teaching. Wherever Jo has lived, she has become involved with theatre - and if there wasn't any, she created it for young and old.

Jo came to work for Trinity in the Foundation Studies program in 1995, fresh from touring comedy, and was immediately taken with the challenge and delight of working with international students. Twenty-four years later, she is still challenged and equally delighted.

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Raymond Broeksteeg

Mathematics 1 lecturer

Raymond has been teaching mathematics to Trinity College Foundation Studies students since 1995, starting with our very first mid-year intake. Trinity College has always provided an enormous amount of support to our students, and he is proud to be a part of that.

As well as teaching mathematics to students from all over the world, Raymond also enjoys computer programming and 3D printing, and is currently teaching robotics and computer programming to our students at lunchtime.

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Jamin (Jay) Grahovac

English for Academic Purposes lecturer

Jay has been teaching English for Academic Purposes at Trinity College since 2016. His ten-year teaching career has included four years' teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has a multidisciplinary background with a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of St Francis (Illinois) and a Master of Science in linguistics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Jay's masters thesis and his ongoing linguistics focus is in discourse analysis and sociolinguistics. His professional passion is human interaction and verbal communication.

Jay is a dedicated and dynamic teacher who loves working and interacting with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and is extremely dedicated to their progress and preparation for university. He is a very active teacher who likes to use humour to engage his students. His students regularly participate in discussions and provide their viewpoints on a variety of topics that facilitate the development of their academic skills. Jay has a love for eLearning, flipped classrooms, and the use of technology to help augment his lessons.

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James O'Maley

History of Ideas lecturer

James has been teaching History of Ideas at Trinity since 2015, and during that time has been inspired by the efforts of this students to engage with the humanities and to develop their critical thinking abilities. He loves working with students to investigate the ways in which ideas develop and how they affect societies at different times and in different places. He has particularly enjoyed engaging with students from diverse backgrounds as they experience education in Melbourne and prepare themselves for university studies.

James has a PhD in classics from the University of Melbourne, where his doctoral work focused on storytelling in Ancient Greek epic. Before Trinity, he spent seven years at the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University, teaching ancient world studies, classical languages, and interdisciplinary foundation studies.


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Mark Nixon

Literature lecturer and Associate Subject Leader

Mark has been teaching literature at Trinity College since 2008 and holds the position of Associate Subject Leader in the literature department. He is passionate about introducing students to the academic study of literature and developing their ability to think critically, and helping to expand their mental capacities to deal with ambiguity and unpredictability of the world around them.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Melbourne, where he has also completed a PhD that developed a new understanding of cosmopolitanism in early eighteen century French and English literature.

Before coming to Trinity, Mark taught literature at the University of Melbourne for six years, introducing students to many forms of literature, from Shakespeare's poetry to Gothic romance to postmodern satire.

At Trinity, Mark is also a Digital Leader, developing new possibilities for using technology in the classroom and providing digital content that is used in classrooms across the entire department.