Meet your Teachers

Ana DowAna Dow

Mathematics lecturer

Ana has taught Mathematics and Physics to two cohorts of TCFS Extended students and will be teaching mathematics across all intakes in the coming years. Ana is passionate about communicating mathematical ideas and nurturing the development of creative problem solving. She also enjoys helping students from diverse backgrounds adapt to the Australian academic culture and fostering self-directing study skills.

Ana graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science with honours in physics, and a graduate diploma and PhD in pure mathematics. Her doctoral thesis, in an area of mathematics known as topology, presented a new class of three-dimensional mathematical objects living in four-dimensional space that exhibit hyperbolic combinatorial properties.

Prior to teaching at Trinity College, Ana was a residential tutor and Academic Development Coordinator for Science at another college affiliated with the University of Melbourne for five years. She also tutored mathematics and held laboratory classes for a number of years at the University of Melbourne.


Brendan Holland

Brendan Holland

Chemistry lecturer 

Brendan has been teaching Chemistry in the TCFS since 2016. His motivation as a teachers is to build a strong rapport with his students, so they can enjoy learning chemistry and feel more confident in achieving their study goals and ambitions. Brendan strives to make the study of chemistry engaging by incorporating a blended learning approach of new technology, interactive demonstrations and traditional teaching methods to his classes.

Before arriving at Trinity, Brendan's career included five years teaching chemistry to undergraduate and graduate students at Deakin University. He also have five year's research experience from completing a PhD and research fellowship in analytical chemistry, in collaboration with the local pharmaceutical and olive oil industries. This has enabled him to maintain professional contacts at universities across Australia, including the University of Melbourne. His research and teaching experience allows him to enrich chemistry at Trinity with real-life examples, applications and advice, while ensuring content remains relevant to the real world and to future university studies for his students.0

Joanne Boyle

Joanne Boyle

Media and Communications lecturer and Subject Leader

Joanne has been teaching Media and Communications at Trinity College since 2018 and has been Subject Leader since 2019. With a double degree in literature and film studies from Monash University,  Joanne began her professional career teaching migrant English. A move to teaching international students in English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) programs lead her to work and live in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea and China. She has now happily found herself teaching her passion and love: media and communication.

Joanne loves working with students from all over the world and is passionate about encouraging individuals to be lifelong learners. Students are the centre of the learning experience in her courses, and Joanne makes sure all lessons are dynamic, current and thought-provoking.

Kanika Dhamija

Kanika Dhamija

Accounting lecturer

Kanika has been teaching Accounting in the TCFS program since 2019. She is passionate about establishing a learner-centered environment and motivating students to develop their own learning interests and critical thinking. She enjoys getting to know students from diverse backgrounds.

Kanika holds a Masters of Commerce (Accounting) from Federation University, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management and a Bachelor of Economics (Honours). She is currently completing her PhD in accounting at RMIT University. She is an associate member of CPA Australia.

Before starting at Trinity, Kanika taught undergraduate students at Swinburne University and Federation University (Melbourne Institute of Technology), introducing students to management and financial accounting concepts.

Collaborative learning is central to her teaching philosophy. Kinika promotes reflective thinking in her classes to improve students' communication and cross-cultural skills. She believes that clear and open communication with students is key to helping them learn.

Stephan Faubel

Stephan Faubel

Drama lecturer

Stephan studied drama teaching in Melbourne before working as an actor in a company that toured schools. He then studied acting in London, where he worked as a tutor teaching acting. This path finally led him to teaching drama at TCFS, where he has been for more than 25 years.

This period of time has seen many significant events, both for him personally and for Trinity itself. The events have often mirrored each other: his getting married, and the coming together of various arms of Trinity; the births of his two sons, and the introduction of new intakes; moving his home, and the building of new teaching facilities; family travels around Australia, and visiting the home countries of his students.

What has remained constant at Trinity is the warmth and openness of the students and the joy he gets from teaching them, as they face the challenges presented by his drama classes. What better way to spend a quarter of a century?


Ting Ting Cao

Ting Ting Cao

Psychology lecturer 

Ting Ting has been teaching Psychology at TCFS since 2016 and has taught at tertiary level since 2014.

Ting Ting's academic background is in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and education. She studied at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and the University of Bergen.

She is excited to work with students of all abilities and levels and enjoys working closely with those from different countries, preparing them to transition to university education.