English Literature


This subject is designed to improve students' English and academic skills by providing instruction in reading, analysing, discussing and writing about a variety of literary texts. By helping students develop nuanced understandings of different uses of language and of various English-speaking cultures, the study of English Literature prepares students for life in English-speaking environments, including universities and the broader Australian community. This subject also highlights critical thinking, communication and writing skills, which are essential to all tertiary subjects.

English Literature constitutes  70% of the overall English mark.

Course outline

In English Literature, students will study texts including:

  • short fiction
  • poetry
  • a novel
  • film
  • Shakespearean drama.

These texts develop students' ability to interpret and use sophisticated forms of language, such as symbolism, connotation, metaphor and narrative.


Written assessment (essays and exams): 50%
Class participation: 10%
Creative and/or reflective assignment: 5%
Group presentation: 5%