This subject develops communication skills, particularly using English language within the Australian social and cultural context. It promotes group skills, fosters creativity and imagination, develops self-confidence and encourages initiative, responsibility and leadership.

Drama constitutes for 30% of the overall English mark.

Course outline

This subject includes:

  • developing a sense of the physical self through mime and movement
  • understanding dramatic elements such as space, time and tension
  • exploration, understanding and development of text, and working solo, in pairs or in larger groups
  • improvisation, characterisation, role-playing, monologue and dialogue
  • theatrical storytelling - both literal and abstract (through images, text and poetry), culminating in group performances
  • voice projection and articulation.


There are two solo assessment tasks and two group tasks throughout the year:

  • solo physical communication task and solo monologue: 10%
  • group-devised performance, incorporating performance, self-evaluation and participation components: 10%
  • final group performance exam, incorporating performance and participating components: 10%