Core Subjects

Learn about the exciting core subjects offered by Trinity College. Study English and History of Ideas to prepare you for your tertiary studies.

Core subjects

As part of the in-depth Foundation Studies course offered by Trinity College, you'll complete two compulsory core subjects: English and History of Ideas. These subjects are specifically designed to immerse you in core English writing and speaking activities, giving you the confidence and ability to achieve success in future studies at the University of Melbourne.


There are three parts to the English course at Trinity College: English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Drama and English Literature.

English for Academic Purposes

This subject is designed to help you interpret information, express your ideas and form an opinion. You'll interpret written and spoken English texts, analyse information, and present your own arguments in written and spoken forms. This will involve writing essays, creating reports and conducting presentations.

You must achieve a mark of at least 50 per cent in this subject to successfully satisfy the EAP standards set by the University of Melbourne.

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This engaging core subject is designed to help you develop communication skills, particularly using English language within the Australian social and cultural context. You'll use voice and movement, working in a group and individually, to develop creativity and imagination, self-confidence, initiative, responsibility and leadership.

You will develop skills vital for further study pathways at the University of Melbourne. This subject contributes 30 per cent to your overall Trinity College Foundation Studies English score.


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English Literature

This subject is designed to improve your English and academic skills through reading, analysing, discussing and writing about a variety of literary texts. You'll explore textual forms such as poetry, drama, short fiction and novels. This will involve interpreting and using sophisticated forms of language and thought, such as symbolism, connotation, metaphor and narrative to further bolster your understanding of the English language.

English literature will prepare you for life in English-speaking environments, including universities and the broader Australian community. This subject constitutes 70 per cent of your overall English mark.

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History of Ideas

This subject examines Western society and the ideas that impact our lives. You'll read and discuss important philosophers, scientists, and religious and political writers, and formulate your own responses. Expect to cover concepts such as religion, democracy, power, reasoning, the questioning of 'truth', rights and freedom, and more.

History of Ideas will help prepare you for university by developing your academic skills. These include written and oral communication, research and correct use of published material, critical use of data, and analysis of complex issues.

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Learn more about your core subjects by viewing pages 24 & 25 of the Trinity College Foundation Studies Prospectus.