Past Fireside Chats

 Some of the past Fireside Chats given by Visiting Scholars





Professor Andrew Crane

Professor of Business and Society and Director of Centre for Business, Organisations and Society, University of Bath

The business of modern slavery

Ms Alice Pung

Janet Clarke Hall

It’s not a race! Diversity, privilege and cancel culture in Australian media

Dr Emma Shortis

Historian of America and Research Fellow in the Social and Global Studies Centre, RMIT University

US presidential election

Ms Tamm Kingi

Indigenous Support Officer, Trinity College

Socio-linguistics and Indigenous education: Cultural identity as the key to solving social issues

Miss Rona Glynn-McDonald

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO – Common Ground, Director – YLab Global, Trinity College Alumni of the Year 2020

The Business of Preserving Indigenous Culture

Associate Professor Ben Neville

University of Melbourne, Gourlay Business in Ethics Fellow, Trinity College

What does COVID-19 mean for business ethics and sustainability

Miss Olivia Tasevski

University of Melbourne

Trump or Biden? The 2020 US Presidential Election

Revd Professor Mark Lindsay,

Revd Dr Gary Heard,

Revd Dr Colleen O’Reilly,

University of Divinity, University of Divinity University of Divinity, Trinity College Chaplain

The Importance of Ritual in Challenging Times

Professor Dave O’Connor

University of Wisconsin

COVID-19: The state of play

Professor Ken Hinchcliff

Warden, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

 Q&A with the Warden

Professor Tilman Ruff AO

Nobel Prize Winner

Infectious disease and public health physician, University of Melbourne

Nuclear Non-Proliferation 

Dr Jarrad W Paul

University of Melbourne

Olympia and the Original Olympics

Ms Stephanie Georgiou


New View Psychology

Exam Stress Strategies

Professor Cynthia (Cindy) A. Kiro

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Maori), University of Auckland

First Nation’s Knowledge and Life’s Big Questions

Mr Alan Archibald QC (TC 1964)

Esteemed Melbourne barrister and Trinity Alumni

Lawyer X - Professional Duties and Fair Trials

Mr Hunter Johnston

Co-founder and CEO of The Man Cave.

Positive Approaches to Mental Health, Wellbeing and Respectful Relationships

Ms Sue Dahn (TC 1979)

Pitcher Partners - Financial Advisor and Partner at Pitcher Partners. Leading woman on 2018 Top 50 Financial Advisors

Post the Royal Commission: The Future for Financial Sector

Dr Vicki Couzens (Aunty Vicki)

Gunditjmara Elder and Vice Chancellor's Indigenous Research Fellow

Reinvigorating Aboriginal Ways of Knowing and Being

Professor David Tan (TC 1991)

National University of Singapore. Vice Dean (Academic Affairs) at Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

Copyright and the Unholy Trinity: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Professor Tim Lindsey AO (TC 1981)

University of Melbourne

DFAT advisor international expert on Indonesia

Australia and Indonesia: Strangers Next Door?

Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Professor of Indigenous education at the University of Waikato, New Zealand

Critical Race Theory

Miss Ellen Van Neerven

Winner of the 2016 Nakata Brophy writing competition

Read her winning piece and discussed the creative process that helps her thrive.

Professor Larry Gostin

Founding O'Neill Chair in Global Health Law, and Director, WHO Centre on Public Health Law & Human Rights at Georgetown University

Health policies in Donald Trumps’ White House

Professor Jane Kaye

Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Privacy implications of online medical data

Ms Vanessa O'Neill

The University of Melbourne

The challenges of writing a play based on the archive of a living academic (Germain Greer)

Ms Rosalie Ham

Literature teacher and Novelist, Trinity College

The Art of Adaptation

Professor Joe Klewicki 

Head of the School of Electrical, Mechanical and Infrastructure, University of Melbourne

The aerodynamics of the new "skin" swimsuits compared to nature

Professor Dave O'Connor

World leading virologist from University of Wisconsin

The suppression of HIV to zero virus load

Professor Chris Gosden

Professor of European Archaeology, University of Oxford

History of Magic

Professor Rob Phillips

University of Richmond, Virginia

The challenges of business ethics in the gig economy. 

Dr Rosamund Thomas

Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics, Cambridge

Ethics Masterclass

Professor David Karoly

University of Melbourne

Climate Change: why you should be interested.

Professor Larry Gostin

Founding O'Neill Chair in Global Health Law, and Director, WHO Centre on Public Health Law & Human Rights at Georgetown University

'Global Health Law (2014)'

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty

University of Melbourne

Science, immunity, pandemics and infection

Assistant Professor Adrienne Edgar

University of California

Adventures in Post-Soviet Oral History

David Manne

Refugee & Immigration Legal Centre

‘Asylum Seekers, Refugees & the “Ethics of Protection”

Laureate Professor Sir James Mirrlees

Cambridge and Hong Kong Universities

The psychology of the global financial crisis

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty

University of Melbourne; Fellow, Australian Academy of Science

Reflections by a Nobel Laureate on viruses, poverty, committees, and the Alexandria project

Professor Larry Gostin

Founding O'Neill Chair in Global Health Law, and Director, WHO Centre on Public Health Law & Human Rights at Georgetown University

Why rich countries should care about the world’s least healthy people

Professor Ross Garnaut AO

Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow and Professorial Fellow in Economics, University of Melbourne, Distinguished Professor of Economics, ANU

Climate change: is the world going to make it at Copenhagen?


Professor Richard Immerman

Edward J Buthusiem Distinguished Faculty Fellow in History; Marvin Wachman Director, Centre for the Study of Force and Diplomacy, Temple University; Miegunyah Fellow

British National Intelligence

Tom Mann

Senior fellow, Brookings Institute, Miegunyah Fellow

US Politics and Obama


Professor Ian Donaldson

ANU/Director, Humanities Research Centre/Foundation Director of the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Cambridge

The life of Ben Jonson – the first literary celebrity?

Roy Neel

Former advisor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore

The forthcoming US election

Dr Lisa Gorton

Winner of the 2008 Victorian Premier's Literary Award for poetry

A poet’s life and work


Professor Stephen May

Royal Veterinary College, London; Miegunyah Fellow, University of Melbourne

The skills needed by veterinary scientists


Simon Overland

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner

Towards a just society – Locke and the social contract

John Brumby

Premier of Victoria 2007–10, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, Universities of Melbourne & Monash

The Battle of ideas: Australia in 2025


Adam Bandt MP

Deputy Leader, Greens

Where is change and action on climate change likely to come from?

Chris Lamb

Former Ambassador to Rangoon; Principal Fellow (University of Melbourne); Special Adviser to International Red Cross and Red Crescent

Myanmar Past, Burma Present


Professor Marcia Langton

University of Melbourne

A conversation about Indigenous matters

Professor Ken Hinchcliff

As Dean of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne; now Warden of Trinity College

What should vets be? Revising the curriculum at the University of Melbourne

Professor Doris Schroeder

Director of the Centre for Professional Ethics, University of Central Lancashire

The Right to Health: dignity and medical ethics


Professor Cormac O'Grada

University College Dublin

The Irish Famine


Professor Joe Klewicki

University of New Hampshire, University of Melbourne (former Tewksbury Fellow)

Fluid dynamics of sports balls


Martin Hosking

Director, RedBubble

Creating wealth by creating companies

Tim Glanville

Deputy Electoral Officer, Victoria, 1989–2008

Behind the electoral scenes


Professor John Alexander

Philosopher-in-Residence, MBS, University of Melbourne

In the Beginning… (Plato and the art of curiosity)


Debbie Mortimer SC

Senior Counsel

Making a difference: ethical lawyers and Australia today

Professor Harold Attridge

Sterling Professor of Divinity, Yale

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi

Professor Laura Belmonte

University of Oklahoma

The LGBT rights movement in the US

Professor Andrew McGowan

Former Warden of Trinity College and Joan FW Munro Professor of Historical Theology

Dining with the dead: Ancient Roman eating in this life and the next

Professor Robin Batterham

University of Melbourne

Australia's future – a quarry for China and India?

Professor Brad Simpson


Barack Obama the Antichrist? How could millions of Americans be wrong?

Associate Professor Margaret Hellard

Director of the Centre for Population Health, Burnet institute

STDs and vulnerable populations


Dan Mori

David Hick’s former defence lawyer

David Hicks and Guantanamo

Associate Professor David Tan

National University of Singapore

Public Figures, private lives: an intimate look at a supermodel, a princess and a footballer

Associate Professor Guiseppe-Matteo Vaccaro-incisa

Università L. Bocconi

The EU debt-crisis: facts, myths and proposed solutions

Professor Frank Costigliola

University of Connecticut

An archivist’s passion

Professor Petra Geode

Temple University

Global cultures

Dr Shaun Flint

Universities of Cambridge (Addenbrookes) and Melbourne

Epidemics, refugees and public health

Dr Stephen Mills

University of Sydney

Polls and pollies – what was the recent election campaign really all about?

Sally Stoecker

School of Public Policy, George Mason University

Human trafficking

Professor Jeffrey Greenman
President and Professor of Theology and Ethics at Regent College
What is the Good Life?
Kate Crowhurst
Financial literacy educatorFinancial wellbeing
Dr Janet Greenman
Pediatrician at BC Children’s Hospital and medical educator
A career in Pediatrics
Dr Deirdre Osborne
Reader in English Literature and Drama at Goldsmiths, University of London
Decolonising Literature
Dr Sana NakataAssociate Professor and Principal Research Fellow at the Indigenous Education and Research Centre, James Cook University
The Voice: Q&A
Professor David TanNational University of Singapore (NUS Law)
Why should you care about a JD law degree and Personal Branding
 Dr Lisa Gorton
University of Oxford
Poetry reading from Mirabilia; the writer's craft/publishing
Justice Janak De Silva
Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
Constitutionalism in Sri Lanka