Campus Life

College isn’t just a place; it is a community of people and friends. Trinity is an academic community offering support, but predominantly it is a place to enjoy learning and growing into adulthood surrounded by other outstanding young people.

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Meet amazing people and make lifelong friends

Seize the chance to meet talented people from different backgrounds and disciplines and celebrate the diversity of modern society; our students come from all over Australia and around the world. Be inspired and challenged by former students who return to College as professional mentors, and join a remarkable vocational social network. 

An intellectually rich environment

At Trinity, you have the opportunity to get to know some of the best scholars in your field. It is an academically stimulating environment – not just in the tutorial room, but also among the resident students themselves. There are always debates going on, even at dinner, and you make the best connections you could imagine for your career.

Learn to lead

Engage in world-changing ideas such as sustainability initiatives, health enhancement, stress management. Grow through our unique system of student-led clubs and leadership and management opportunities, seek election to the student committee that leads all student activities, or apply to become a Student Coordinator and manage your floor. 

Stretch yourself

Act in a play or in theatre sports; sing in the musical, a barbershop group or in the internationally acclaimed Choir of Trinity College; argue your point for the oratory prize or in a comedy debate; take on other colleges in sports. Join the ski club, the Games Society or the Billiards Room... and that's just a taster of the extracurricular activities you can be a part of.

Getting support

There are plenty of ways we offer all residential students support on their journey.

Being a new student on campus can be both exciting and challenging. The Wellbeing team includes Resident Tutors, a College Nurse and a range of training and support--from First Aid to mindfulness. The Trinity Chaplaincy team provides the highest possible standard of pastoral care and worship to all students, whether on spiritual or other concerns. 

Sustainable future 

Trinity College is committed to taking responsibility for a sustainable college, and that involves students and staff working together to make sustainability a way of life. There are many ways you can be involved at College: apply to be a student intern in sustainability to drive educational initiatives and shape policy; reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing offsets; use recycling systems and enjoy energy efficient facilities. 

Features that improve our sustainable practices include rainwater tanks, hydronic heating, recyling bins in every room and public space, and a GaiaRecycle which reduces our food waste by 80%.  

SusieGomm 206x140My interest in the preserving the environment stems from my childhood in the Philippines, a country renowned for smog and garbage. I have always had a strong environmental conscience and believe that every decision should consider and minimise negative ecological outcomes. Being a member of the Environments Committee, purchasing offsets and studying engineering gives me a practical way to exercise this passion and the opportunity to develop technologies in the future that reduce our environmental impact. 

Susie Gomm, carbon offset purchaser