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Trinity Papers

Trinity Papers represent a series prepared by Trinity College, that focuses on broad issues facing the community in areas such as education, ethics, history, politics, and science. Here is a selection of past Trinity papers. If you are interested in a paper that isn't displayed here, please contact the Communications department and we will arrange a copy for you.

Trinity Paper 1A Case for the Value of Residence in Australian University Education, Damian Powell

Trinity Paper 2Faithful to the Last: Contemporary Issues in Dying, from the Perspective of Pastoral Theology, Bridget Woollard

Trinity Paper 3Federalism and the Judges: How the Americans Made Us What We Are, Laurence Claus

Trinity Paper 4The Fellowship of Friends: Sir James Darling and the College Ideal, Donald Markwell

Trinity Paper 5Leadership, Peter Gration

Trinity Paper 6International Humanitarian Law and the Balkans: the Dilemma of a Superpower, John Sanderson

Trinity Paper 7Common Ground, Uncommon Upheaval: The American Catholic Church at the Crossroads, Mary Aquin O'Neill

Trinity Paper 8Shades of Grey: The Pope, Christian Ethics and the Ambiguity of Human Situations, Ian Markham

Trinity Paper 9The Leeper Library and the Book Collections At Trinity College, The University of Melbourne, Gillian Forwood

Trinity Paper 10Australia's Role In Asia, John Sanderson

Trinity Paper 11Jesus as Prophet: An Access to the Quest for the Historical Jesus of Nazareth, Arthur Jones

Trinity Paper 12Born Under Saturn and Jupiter: The Inescapable Conflict and Contradiction of Arthur Boyd, Kate Challis

Trinity Paper 13The So-Called Right of Humanitarian Intervention, Adam Roberts

Trinity Paper 14Some reflections on Church and State, Donald Markwell

Trinity Paper 15Gothic Foundations and rising Damp, or Prophets and Rebels: the Contribution of the Liberal Intellectual Tradition in Australian Anglicanism to National Culture, Colin Holden

Trinity Paper 16Issues of the Stolen Generation, Jack Rush

Trinity Paper 17When Victor Turner Met Carl Rogers: Implications for Pastoral Theology, Colleen O'Reilly

Trinity Paper 18The 1850 Bishops Conference and the Strange Birth of Australian Synods, Bruce Kaye

Trinity Paper 19The Denominational University College Today, Donald Markwell

Trinity Paper 20: 'Undergraduate Education for the 21st Century: Australia at the Crossroads', speech by Donald Markwell, 5 September 2002

Trinity Paper 21Finding the Way (Sir Albert Coates Oration, University of Ballarat, 2002), Robin Sharwood

Trinity Paper 22Aligning the Objectives and Functions of Education to Meet the New Realities of the 21st Century, Alan A Patterson

Trinity Paper 23Buddhist and Christian Perspectives on Human Suffering: Dialogical Frontiers in Pastoral Theology' (Noel Carter Lecture, 2002), Ruwan Palapathwala

Trinity Paper 24Whose Meal is it Anyway? Jesus, the Church and Eucharistic Origins (Barry Marshall Memorial Lecture, 2002), Andrew McGowan

Trinity Paper 25Building Australia's Future The Commonwealth Government's Blueprint for Reform: A Critique, Professor Peter Karmel

Trinity Paper 26'Christianity and ...': Possibilities for Dialogue, Keith Ward

Trinity Paper 27University Education: Australia's Urgent Need for Reform, Donald Markwell

Trinity Paper 28Education For Our Times, Donald Markwell

Trinity Paper 29'To Strive, to Seek, to Find, and Not to Yield': The Making of the (Victoria) Church of England Act 1854, Robin Sharwood

Trinity Paper 30Masters of History: Three Students of Trinity, John Reeve

Trinity Paper 31Issues in Global Higher Education: The Challenge to the University of Melbourne, Donald Markwell

Trinity Paper 32Sacramental Living, the Most Revd Dr Rowan Williams

Trinity Paper 33Keynes and and International Economic and Political Relations, Donald Markwell 

Trinity Paper 34Who's Afraid of John Maynard Keynes, Alex Millmow

Trinity Paper 35What Would Keynes Say Now?, Peter Jonson

Trinity Paper 36Keynes, sticky money wages, behavioural economics and responding to the Global Financial Crisis, Ian McDonald

Trinity Paper 37The Relevance of Keynesian Fiscal Policy Today, Bruce Littleboy

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