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Scholarship stories

We are looking to our alumni, friends and partners to donate to Trinity College to help us transform the lives of talented young people through scholarships. 

Though most of our students are full-fee paying, we believe that exceptional students who don't have the financial means to attend college deserve an exceptional education. 

To be able to provide places at Trinity to deserving students in need however, we have to raise funds to endow scholarships across all areas of the College – and that's where we need your help.

The power of college scholarships

Hear from some of our students whose lives have been transformed by Trinity College scholarships.

Louis Dai (TC 2007)

Rebecca Martin (TC 2007)

Morgan Coleman (TC 2008)

Adrian Mitchell (TC 1963)

Ruby Smith (TC 2017)

Mohammad (TC 2006), Hussain (TC 2014) and Ali Alamein (TC 2005)

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Read more stories of lives transformed

  • Louis Dai's story: the filmmaker who found himself without a home at the end of high school
  • Rebecca Martin's story: the technologist who had a difficult upbringing after her father's death
  • Morgan Coleman's story: the Torres Strait Islander entrepreneur who didn't have the finances to make his business dreams a reality
  • Adrian Mitchell's story: the doctor who received financial support after his father's death to help him stay at college and university
  • Ruby Smith's story: the chorister whose music scholarship allowed her to pursue her dream of becoming a producer
  • The Alamein brothers' story: the refugees who fled Iraq and had resigned themselves to a career of fruit picking, until a scholarship turned their lives around (see what they're doing now – it's truly remarkable and inspiring)