Transforming Lives

With our 150th year approaching in 2022, we are looking to our alumni, friends and partners to support our vision of the future – one of excellence, community and diversity.

At Trinity College, we believe that exceptional students deserve an exceptional education, regardless of their financial circumstances. By 2022, we want to make Trinity available to students from all backgrounds and means.

While most of our students will continue to be full fee-paying, such an endowment would mean that any exceptional student who is admitted to Trinity, would be able to accept a place, even if he/she could not otherwise afford to do so. 

Our goal is to raise a further $25 million for scholarships in all parts of the College.

To do this we’ll need your help.

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The power of scholarships

Read about some of our students whose lives have been transformed by Trinity scholarships.


Chris Wood TC 2010

Banbury, UK



Siobhan Stagg TC 2007

Mildura, VIC



Natasha Robbins TC 2010

Bonshaw, VIC



Kimberly Pellosis TC 2012

The Philippines – Frankston, VIC



Evangeline Shaw TC 2012

Carlisle, VIC



Joobin Hooshmand TC 2009

Iran – Frenchs Forrest, NSW



Caitlin Chapman TC 2010

Maryborough, VIC



Ali Alamein TC 2005

Iraq – Shepparton, VIC



Jerome Cubillo TC 2009

Darwin, NT