Trinity College grounds

From the Vice-Chancellor, University of Divinity

I am delighted that Trinity College represents the Anglican Church of Australia within the ecumenical University of Divinity.

Trinity College has been associated with the University of Divinity since the creation of the Melbourne College of Divinity (MCD) in 1910.

The MCD became the University of Divinity in 2012, and the Theological School became a full College within the University in its own right in 2015.

As a College of the University of Divinity, Trinity College Theological School offers high-quality, accredited degrees and diplomas at all levels, both in class and online, and also serves the wider community through offering professional development workshops, seminars and lectures in a continuing education program.

The enduring partnership between the University and Trinity College is based on the shared beliefs of preparing lay and ordained men and women for ministry formation, producing internationally recognised theological research and to enable the community to recognise and celebrate its diversity.

Since its earliest days, Trinity has provided residential programs for students of theology in the Diocese of Melbourne and the Province of Victoria, these now include students of the University.

The University is proud of its relationship with Trinity College and looks forward to continuing to build on the partnership that has endured for over a century.

Professor Peter Sherlock

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Divinity