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09 Sep 2021

Asking R U OK? Students reflect on why it’s important in our community

On R U OK? Day, members from the Trinity College Wellbeing Committee offer their thoughts on this movement and the ever-present importance of asking the...

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06 Nov 2020

Trinity College vs St Hilda’s COVID Cup

In a COVID world, all-important community sport and competition has sadly been reduced, so the College has been forced to adapt and think creatively to...

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COVID cup soccer
16 Oct 2017

Trinity Hosts Bittersweet Reunion at Edith Head Hall

It’s fair to say since Trinity took over the lease on Edith Head Hall (EHH) hostel for female students in 2011 there has been a fair few ups and downs.

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21 Mar 2017

Clean Up Australia Day- Preserving Our Green Spaces

On Saturday 11 March, a group of Trinity students participated in the nationwide “Clean Up Australia Day” at Princes Park.

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29 Oct 2013

Walking the Kokoda Trail: the Trinity Leadership Challenge

During the mid-semester break students of the Trinity Leadership Challenge set off to trek the Kokoda Trail, considered one of the hardest hikes in the world.

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24 Oct 2013

Trinity students volunteer in Samoa

In an effort to raise education standards in Samoa, a group of 10 Trinity students and one Resident Tutor spent their mid-term break in the Samoan village of...

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14 Jun 2013

Alumni welcomed back to College for the Oak Program

The Trinity College Oak Program remains a key part of the Residential College experience in 2013. Each Thursday night, a Trinity alumnus is invited back to...

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07 Jun 2013

Celebrating community at Trinity

Residential students gathered for the third annual Outreach Gala Dinner held in the College Dining Hall on Saturday 25 May.

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09 May 2013

Hats off to the cast and crew of A Chorus Line

Trinity College Music Theatre Society’s A Chorus Line opened on Tuesday night on the stage of Union House Theatre.

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14 Nov 2012

A lasting imprint

This year, a group of 10 Trinity students were privileged to take part in the Trinity Leadership Challenge, a program designed to test, coax and hone our...

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30 Oct 2012

Trinity wins ICAC Cultural Cup

The commitment Trinity has made this year to activities run by the Intercollegiate Activities Committee (ICAC) has been outstanding. Not only have we...

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29 Oct 2012

TCMTS wins Theatre Production of the Year

It is no secret that the Arts at Trinity have been well-recognised this year, and this has been echoed throughout the 2012 Union House Theatre Awards, held...

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26 Oct 2012

Trinity wins Cowan Cup

The College ended 2012 by winning, for the second year in a row, the prestigious Cowan Cup, the overall intercollegiate sports trophy for men.

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02 Oct 2012

Friendly rivalry

It was an afternoon of friendly rivalry, with sports fans from across Trinity coming together to witness the Foundation Studies (FS) versus Residential...

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25 Jun 2012

Outreach at Trinity

This semester students have been involved in a number of community service initiatives, which culminated with the Outreach Gala Dinner.

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07 Feb 2012

Tiger Tones' Talent

The Trinity Tiger Tones have recently been selected in the top 100 performers for the reality television show, Australia’s Got Talent. The group entered the...

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15 Jun 2011

A sign of the times

Trinity College has recently installed new building signs around campus.

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20 Sep 2010

Trinity students help Melbourne win Indigenous Games

Five Trinity students were among the 12-member University of Melbourne team that last week won the 15th Indigenous University Games held in Newcastle.

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