Y20: Giving young people a voice

    Scott Limbrick (TC 2008) has been appointed to the Y20 (Youth 20) Australia 2014 Summit Planning Group, which will work with the Australian Government to manage Australia’s delivery of the Y20 Summit.

    The Y20 is designed to give young people a voice in the Group of 20 (G20) Summit and is comprised of five young people from each G20 country.

    As Australia assumes G20 presidency following Russia, the Y20 will bring international young leaders to Australia to discuss youth challenges, opportunities and recommendations to be considered in G20 discussions next year.

    ‘The Y20 is important as while "young people" can be difficult to define as a constituency, people under 30 make up more than half of the world's population,' Scott said.

    'Seeking their input on pressing global economic and social issues that will impact the rest of their lives is crucial.

    ‘I expect youth unemployment particularly in Europe, global poverty and climate change to arise as issues of importance.’

    The Y20 Planning Group responsible for developing and facilitating the Y20 agenda consists of seven young Australians and two international members appointed by the Prime Minister.

    Members were selected on leadership experience in youth policy and issues including aid and development, the environment, entrepreneurship, indigenous affairs and international relations.

    Scott has worked in several youth organisations and has previously been involved with the Y20 Summit through Global Voices, an organisation he currently runs which coordinated Australia’s delegation to the Y20 Russia 2013 Summit.

    ‘I would like to work in areas related to international relations or policy across private, government and NGO sectors, as they each have things to teach one another,’ Scott said.

    ‘I think it’s important for young people to be involved with things they care about, not just to make a difference, but also to gain experience and allow them to make decisions on where they hope to work and make an impact.’